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Jul 04, 2019, 01:08

Crap name
Great talent.

I started taking notice of him in the 2017 season.
he scored a bucket of runs for the free state ameteur side.
He was ignored in 18 / 19 for some odd reason, being sent to the northerns amateur side.

I see he's featuring for Derbyshire in the CC this year.
He scored a 100 against Australia A and also had a few big first class scores.
His averages in limited overs and 4 day comps is pretty high.

Wonder if he'll get some attention in the coming season.

You heard it here first!

Mike... im sure you'll have some insightful feedback.

Jul 04, 2019, 03:48

"You heard it here first!"

Uh-oh The trend continues, you've had a few.......what happened to them? :(

Jul 04, 2019, 12:57

Have faith Denny. Without faith, you have nothing.

Jul 04, 2019, 13:37

I saw Du Plooy playing some games years ago - and his batting was very sound.  He vanished from sight and I believe was not contracted in SA because of the present system favouring players of colour.   Would have been the same as Van der Dussen to have Du Plooy around, 

There was another youngster who should have been in the squad for the WEC ahead of Amla and Duminy - and we wrote about him elsewhere.

I think the SA cricklet team got stale and other than De Kock and recently Van der Dussen had no new batsmen coming through.   That was badly shown up in the present WC series.   


Jul 04, 2019, 17:48

Mike you have made a very important and fair point.

The word stale is very accurate.

As a result of our past successes, we failed blindly to acknowledge (myself included) that all good things come to an end.

We should have kept introducing youngsters into the test and odi teams and given them a fair run.

Look it doesn't help when the next in line piss off to England, but we didnt manage the transitions as best as possible regardless.

Truth be told... Had AB still been around, Rassie prob wouldn't have got an opportunity to establish himself.

But a BBBEE specialist like duminy should have been put on the sidelines from a long time ago.

Jul 05, 2019, 03:05

It seems like the Proteas have lost two quality bats in Du Plooy and Dawid Malan.  Good old transformation delivers once again by impaling its future growth and success. Can't say I blame them for plying their trade in a more secure future.

But that's fine according to the ANC and the politically correct, the all important fact is that the numbers regarding POC is correct.  Nothing else matters, winning is not a necessity.....mediocrity is acceptable and  SA got the chance to participate and participate they did. Happy days! Hope they don't forget to give the squad a hearty welcome back at OT airport.



Let's see...there are 7 new players in the squad who have never played in a WC and they are Markram, Phulukwayo,  Rabada, Ngidi, Shamsi, Pretorius and Van Der Dussen. Add De Kock and it leans towards a young side. 

Almost 50% of the side is new to the WC.  And that's not including the luckless Nortje.

So no, there's nothing stale about the side, stale is a word used by the politically correct to sanitize a toothless and classless incompetent team. 

Truth be told they invested in a bunch of losers and other than the exception of Van Der Dussen none of the above came to the party.

Further nails to the coffin were added by the wheelchair driven Amla and serial failures Miller and Duminy.

Jul 05, 2019, 11:38

Smart Mike and flash are right in that we have hung on to out of form and average players for too long without giving others a decent time chance.

Miller and duminy are wonderful players against shit attacks. Amla is out of form. Thanks are our 3 most experienced batsmen bar Faf.

The core of our batting is out of sorts and stale.

Jul 05, 2019, 12:08

yep, yep, yep, yep

So erm, what happened to your faith?........sounds like you've lost it...

Laughing Graphics
Man you're  darem a funny boytjie.

Jul 05, 2019, 18:59

Christ you are an irrit

Jul 06, 2019, 01:31


Whatcha mean by "an irrit"?

Jul 08, 2019, 00:04

How many of our laaities & seniors in the UK on Kolpak contracts?

Serious kak news, as bad as rugby & logic dictates that that dilemma won't improve, its insolvable.

Jul 08, 2019, 01:10

It's only people like you and me who care, the ANC and CSA don't, all they care about is having several black faces in the squad. Good white players have realized the problem and are doing what's best under the circumstances. The good white player knows that no matter how well he plays if there is a black guy vying for a position he'll get it based on the colour of his skin.

Have a read of Dawid Malan's and du Plooy's stat's, it will make you very angry if you love the Proteas.

Jul 08, 2019, 10:55

Dawid Malan has a first class batting average of about 37. I’m not too concerned about him.

Jul 09, 2019, 04:31

Competition Test T20I FC LA
Matches 15 5 182 149
Runs scored 724 250 10,901 5,135
Batting average 27.84 50.00 37.71 41.41

Jul 09, 2019, 19:13

Denny To be fair, a list A average of 41 isn’t anything to be jumping around about.

He faces many mediocre medium pacers on the county circuit.

A guy like Stephen cook averages something similar, but I’d never consider him a prospect.

I’m not saying that you are talking nonsense. I’m just saying that there are many more highly talented players that I’d consider first.

There are a few other Rassie van see Düssens around the country.

chip I kinda think that that is what you were eluding to.

Jul 10, 2019, 00:57

I'm more than happy to concede that a 41+ average isn't "anything to be jumping around about" if and only if you will name the "more highly talented players" and "few other Rassie van der Dussens around the country."

Thanks in anticipation.

Jul 10, 2019, 03:35

Hi Denny

Some guys with 2 or more seasons behind them are...

Kyle Verreyne

Janneman Malan

Pieter Malan

Leus du Plooy

Marques Ackerman

Kegan Petersen

Colin Ackerman

Some youngsters coming through...

Their averages are a bit low, but will certainly get better as they get more experience.

Reynard van Tonder Matthew Breetske

Jul 10, 2019, 03:38

PS. I tried to keep the it to players with no test caps. So I ignored any fringe players with one or two caps or on the fringes.

Jul 10, 2019, 04:45

Rassie van der Dussen

overall 18 664 95 73.77 0 - - - - 9 0 - Profile

Kyle Verreyne - 39

Janneman Malan - 48.22

Pieter Malan - 45.16 (age 29)

Marques Ackerman - 28.60

Kegan Petersen - 33.56

Colin Ackerman - 36.45 (age 28)

Reynard Van Tonder - 29.13

Mathew Breetske - 29.68

So let me get this right, firstly a 41 average is nothing special, I agree... ssppptt.....that's gone...wiped ok? Let's move on.

But wait on, you say  "There are a few other Rassie van see Düssens around the country." and you name 8 players, 6 of whom are below a 40 average? Out of that there is one player with an average of 28+ who is 20 days shy of 30 years old, another who is 28 years old with an average of 36+ and another who is 26 years with an average of 33+

That being the case an average of 41+ is "good"

Leus du Plooy has Protea written all over him but I'm not convinced that it will be the national side he'll be choosing seeing that he's now plying his trade in England.

Of the 8 players you mention the only one who seems like he'll have any success at international level and should undoubtedly have been part of the CSA WC squad is Janneman Malan and also at the tender age of 22, Verreyne is showing potential. For what it's worth I did tout Malan very early in the piece to be part of the CWC squad.

However, out of that lot I'm struggling to find "a few other van der Dussens" around the country.

Have you dropped  Humza, Fortuin and Wiaam Mulder from your radar?

Jul 10, 2019, 12:57

Let’s jsut make sure we are on the same page. Are we looking at first class averages or List A? My analysis was on first class averages.

Regarding hamza and co... I mentioned that I was omitting players that had been on the fringes or had one or two caps.

Jul 10, 2019, 13:05

In my opinion Losing Rilee Rossouw was a cardinal sin bun csa.

He is by all accounts a wonderful batsman.

He is one of the batsman that I was eluding to who should have got more game time to avoid losing him.

The same will happen to the likes of J Malan and du Plooy is.

It must also be noted that I do think Dawid Malan Is a good batsman. But as I said before... I don’t feel like he can be classified as the one that got away.

Jul 10, 2019, 17:32


I think that you have some very good prospects  on your list of players and my own feeling is that we can look forward to some really good players.   

I like the following as real prospects:

*   Kyle  Verreyne

*   Reynard van Tonder

*   Matthew Breedske

I would have preferred to have Janneman and or Pieter Malan in the WC squad ahead of Duminy and Amlam but my first two choices for the future are Verreyne and Van Tonder.


Jul 10, 2019, 19:58

Agree on Rossouw.....he was a better bet than Miller.

Jul 11, 2019, 01:53

But the model you are endorsing Flash is dubious. Great young players who change the world scene.....like Pant or Panya....don't need to be 'brought along'. They wont be denied. The same was true of Amla, AB or Kallis when they came along.

When the next player comes along who is good enough to change the fortunes of the national team.....it will be crystal clear. In the meantime we will get better results with our stale team, rather than promoting a bunch of ordinary newbies.

The very best of the new crop is Markram who was promoted and nurtured and his CWC average was barely more than half of the average of the stale, sometime concussed Amla.

Jul 11, 2019, 02:15

It is both dubious and speculative and although I agree with investing in youth, the youth must show the potential to advance their own game. None of the above players mentioned with the exception of Janneman Malan would make my list of Proteas targeting the next WC.

The next line of players who should have been part of the current squad are...

Hamza - 33.35( tried and dropped from the squad)

Fortuin - 15.96

Wiaam Mulder - 14.80 ( tried and dropped from the squad)

I'll never forget the great man Viv Richards telling the Windies board, it's fine to select the youth but the youth ain't ready........their board ignored him, the rest we know as history.

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