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Majestic Amla soars to 50 in 52 balls

Forum » Cricket » Majestic Amla soars to 50 in 52 balls

Jan 20, 2019, 04:54

In spite of the laughably biased comments of the old D Cup, Amla's innings was a masterpiece. Desperate D Cup, who started yet another string saying Amla is done, tried to save his blushes by making a point about his runs per minute. He obviously doesn't know it's runs per ball that counts.

In that regard Amla with 108 in 120 balls was better than Pakistan's Ul-Haq's 86 in 101 balls. The difference was Hafeez's 71 in 63 balls was better than van der Dussen's 93 off 101 balls.

But truth to tell the match was lost by the wayward bowling of Rabada and especially of Olivier.

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