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May 24, 2021, 05:00

You might find this funny but I'd have the Protea womens coach and assistant coach as the mens team coaches. I'm wholly impressed with what they've done, that team has a lot going for it, skill, attitude and a will to win running down the order from 1 to 11.

May 24, 2021, 06:17

Agree with you on that  on that one,   Boucher has been a huge disappointment,   

There  is another problem that would be the final  nail in the coffin for SA Cricket and that is CSA has appointed an Ombudsman to look at Racial Discrimination in cricket/   The appointed advocate in a number of cases represented Zuma and  the Public  Protector in losing cases and cannot reasonably be regarded as impartial.     He has since being appointed as a Judge im the African Court of Justice and  the hearings were postponed to July 2021,   

So what is the problem with this situation.    Smith together with an Organiztations  oppodiomg corruption signed   a letter in which he legitimacy of the Project is questioned on legal grounds.    The SAC  is  now investigation the issue and will have to  respond to that  as well.   

The other problem is that Tshosobe's complaint was leaked to the press,    Remember him - he was the guy banned from cricket that was involved in matchfixing in 2015.   So what was hiss complaint?    The complaint was  that SAC is racialist because they did not allow his mother to get a seat in the VIP area.    What that has to do with discrimination is not clear - but SAC was severely embarrassed when his complaint was leaked to the press.

Knowing the background I think that it is likely that the outcome of that finding would make it virtually impossible to  select White, Colored or Indian players to represent SA in cricket - and impossible to drop players from the squad who are non=performers who will scream discrimination when dropped,   I think  that it would be wise for younger SA players to move to England, Australia and New Zealand - they have no chance  to ever play for SA.                                

May 24, 2021, 08:55

Madness.....why don't they just appoint an Ombudsman to investigate racism in the ANC and the EFF.

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