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Mozart poor Mozart - what a shock for the poor man

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Dec 27, 2018, 12:43

About 18 months ago I wrote on site that it seems to me that  Amla is not what he used to be and that his hand-eye co-ordination seems to be deficient,  The response was a vicious attack on me personally and a counter-attack on De Kock.

Since then Amla has not recovered at all and he is going backwards faster and faster without any comments from Mozart and Co.   However, De Kock was open season for the normal crowd and the attacks got worse and worse,   I also criticized De Kock for at times hitting out at balls he should not do, but he remained a top class batsman despite Mozart nd Co's  attacks on him.

The present test is a typical example why I wrote that Amla - making 8 runs from 16 balls - is not the player he used to be.   Other than F du Plessis who were out for a duck - he was the worst Proteas batsman.

Amla's retirement would be of assistance to the Proteas.    AB set a perfect example as to what top players should do when it comes to international cricket and Amla should really follow his example.   The problem is that De Villiers iss till making a fortune from playing limited overs cricket and that option is not open to Amla anymore.   

However, one would assume that the attack on De Kock would continue unabated and some justification would be found to exonerate Amla from any criticism.          

Dec 27, 2018, 13:01

And Amla missed a standard slip catch in the 2nd Pakistan innings,   Going from bad to worst,   

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