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Jan 02, 2022, 14:10

When is this guy going to make runs

The lad was playing pro cricket aged 17 or something and looks to have a good technique and seems to have all the shots covered but he keeps bloody failing test after test

How much longer do they persevere with him?

Talent is only half of the equation, his performance half is seriously lacking and it’s been how many test innings’s so far? His highest test score is 36 or something and averaging 14 in 7 tests

Jan 06, 2022, 22:50

I was a huge advocate to get him in to the test team.

But he doesn’t look like he has the mental capacity at the moment.

He almost looks half asleep when he bats.

I reckon he also lacks confidence at the moment.

Jan 07, 2022, 00:16

Yeah very disappointing as technically he looks good and plays some good shots at times but he can’t seem to stick around

Jan 07, 2022, 02:48

Obviously he hasn't made the step up across all formats to international cricket. At age 23 there's still time but he needs to have a  hard look at his game and iron out his shortcomings. Time will whether he makes the transition, it all hangs with him and a good mentor. 

Jan 07, 2022, 08:12

I wonder how much extra pressure is on these young white cricketers.... knowing that they only have a few opportunities to impress, otherwise their spot automatically goes to a player of colour.

Make no mistake, that is definitely something that they would continuously be thinking about, given how our "selection" criteria is... to make the Protea team.

Every other successful team environment before, has always had a coach that says to the players..... play your natural game.... we 200% support you, you belong in this team..... don't change your approach to how you play the game..... this spot is yours, you have earned it...

In our national side, you know as a young white player that you only have a limited amount of opportunities to succeed before they replace you with a player of colour.... and that is just an obvious fact.

Jan 07, 2022, 09:10

You cannot have abnormal sport in a normal society.

Jan 07, 2022, 17:39


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