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Next on my radar - Jonathan Bird

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Jan 17, 2019, 14:27

So, without trying to toot my own horn too much....
As you all know by now, I predicted big things for Aiden Markram, Wiaan Mulder and Zubyr Hamza years before making their international debuts, and in Mulder and Markram's case, before they had even played any first class cricket.

I am not professing to know everything or to be a master...
But what I am good at doing is passing objective opinions based on what I see. ... especially when it comes to cricket.
I coached for 6 years, played for 17 years and I love the technicalities of the game.

So... here I go again.
Next on my predictive radar is Jonathan Bird from Bishops in WP... school of Herschelle Gibbs.

Bird scores runs for fun.
Incredibly well versed on both backfoot and frontfoot... and a helluva stubborn mentally.
Reminds me of a Jacques Kallis, except he is a lefty. He plays nicely in his own bubble.

I hope he steps up and does big things for the country.

Remember, you heard it first here.

Maybe in a few years, i'll be able to mke up an entire protea team of players that i predicted would go on to big things.

Jan 17, 2019, 15:27

There is an Under 19 team announced to go to India for three matches but cannot remember whether the name of Bird was included - cannot find the newspaper report either.

However their are some cricket stats on site and I would like to quote the following: -

List A 2 2 0 105 104 52.50 115 91.30 1 0 12 2 0 0
T20s 3 3 0 22 12 7.33 30 73.33 0 0 2 1 0 0
142* S Africa U19 v England U19 Gosforth 26 Jul 2018 YODI # 1206
51 S Africa U19 v England U19 Chester-le-Street 23 Jul 2018 YODI # 1205

Anyway thanks for the tip - this guy seemed to be extra impressive at the age of 17  playing on the levels indicated.   One very worth following in future.

I am always amazed by the story about how impossible it would be to replace the retiring greats in the next year or two.   You can add he names of Van Tonder and Makwetu to the list of very promising youngsters coming through.   I think the list is constantly growing and we still have some mid 20 players available for years to come.     .   

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