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Jan 15, 2020, 09:28

So our demoted Protea coach reckons Bavuma is a future Protea captain candidate. It's is precisely this type of shit drivel that makes me want to stop supporting my beloved Proteas.

Bavuma may be a decent bloke, but he can hardly buy a run at the moment. So with that in mind, how can anyone even think of him as a potential captain! Hell, he's hardly captained his school, club or provincial side... and now he is a Protea candidate according to our esteemed ex-coach.

Temba Bavuma is not among the 12 South Africa players who have assembled in Port Elizabeth to prepare for the third Test against England, but he remains close to the conversation. So close, that assistant coach Enoch Nkwe has indicated that if Bavuma finds form, he could be candidate for the national captaincy in future.

That may seem like a long way away for a player with 39 Tests to his name and only one century, scored more than four years ago, who averaged 19.84 in 2019 and has scored 9 and 17 in his last two domestic first-class innings but Bavuma is no ordinary player. He is South Africa's only only black African Test batsman and has accepted the pressures of being a flagbearer and leader for millions.

Bavuma has chosen not to engage in the debate at the moment, posting on social media that his silence is "full of answers". Instead it was Nkwe, himself a black African batsman, who spoke extensively on the expectations and challenges Bavuma faces and the reasons why the South African administration believes he will be back in a big way.

Are you comfortable with where South Africa is in terms of transformation targets and how things are progressing?

"There's been a different approach, but that will come over time. We're keeping very close with Temba Bavuma, for example. I strongly believe he's a good player, and he's in the process of making sure that -- from a mental, emotional and skills point of view -- when he gets an opportunity to come back, whether it's in the next Test match or in a different format, he takes ownership of his position and does 10 times more than what he has done. We're confident and believe in him. [Mark] Boucher is the same, and the rest of the team. All I'm going to ask is that we are more patient. We're trying to put a few things in place so that we can shape things in the right direction."

Do you think the weight expectation on Temba, being the first black African Test batsman in South Africa, has been detrimental to him?

"Knowing Temba, no. There is always going to be pressure in this environment but if you look at it, he has been unlucky. Let's be honest. There's been times where he got 95 not out and he was probably one big hit to get over the line and he was unfortunate. There's been times where he got 70, 80. But also sometimes people tend to forget that the situations he has come in for South Africa have been challenging and he has been able to take the team from that position and put them in a much healthier position. Sometimes he gets out for 60, sometimes he gets out for 50 and if you look at the batting positions over the last couple of years - Nos. 4, 5 and 6 - he has been able to make those massive contributions. They might look small in terms of numbers but his contribution has been very powerful for the team and put them in a winning position. He has had good partnerships with Quinny [Quinton de Kock] and obviously Quinny has been more explosive. If maybe a bit of luck had gone his way, he would have got two or three more hundreds but those things we've put behind us.

"I know that having spoken to him recently, he is someone that actually looks forward to getting an opportunity. He is going to do everything in his power to make sure that when the next opportunity comes he is ready for it. He wants to be in this environment and hopefully in the future he performs well enough and he can lead the team because I know having worked with him, he is a strong leader, very smart and he is able to lead a massive group to greater heights."

Do you see him as a future captain?

"In my mind, yes. I can see that happening. But he does understand that he needs to put in some performances. The future could be in a year's time, it could be in two years' time, we don't know. Having worked with him in the last year-and-a-half, he has got the qualities, there's no question around that. I wouldn't be surprised if, after Faf, he takes over. That will be great for South African cricket."

Was it the right decision to send Temba back to franchise cricket?

"From a coach's hat and a high-performance point of view, it's not healthy just to sit around and not play. If you are not playing, you really need to go and find some game time and fortunately, we have some franchise cricket taking place at the moment and we saw that opportunity for him to go there and stay in the game. Some of the challenges we have when we go on tours, is we have a 15-man squad and only 11 can play and the challenge of those individuals to try and get some game time is massive. It's not only him; it's a couple of other guys we have released as well."

Jan 15, 2020, 11:04

Nkwe was the coach and Bavuma was in the squad that lost three tests badly - and very much so - in India in October last year.   What does that tell you about him.

Quota selection  is a disease and it never ends.   The more it is used - the bigger the losses sustained on international level.   SA Cricket suffers badly from that disease and to that disease is added the addiction to experience disease.    The latest squad selection is an example of the latter disease.

Let me be explicit on that score,   I refuse to accept that there were quota players in the Springbok RWC squad,  There were some fringe selections used in the minor pool games, bit those were applicable to all selections in that case.  

The trick is to identify real talent and base selection on that - the talented players from all race groups would come through on that basis,   Erasmus did not meet the target percentage the ANC wanted and SARU envisaged - yet there was no criticism after the WC  - other than by the EFF -  since the WC,   The latter is a fringe group anyway.    So lets get the situation real and stick with merit selections - Erasmus laid a strong foundation and SAC should rather follow his example and abolish the Selection Committee and let real experts - the Director of Cricket and the Head Coach - select squads.               

Jan 15, 2020, 11:27

Ya Flash... I also read that.

I must be honest, as a black south african, i am embarrassed.

The scarier thing is rthat Bavuma is still head and shoulders the best black batsman in the country. If he doesnt fire, where to next?

There is LITERALLY no good BLACK batsmen in the country with an average of 30 or more.

There is a opening batsman at Northerns.... he OPENS the batting. His average is 24.

Need I say more.

Saffex, any up and coming batsman that you or your mates have spotted at Paarl or Grey or Affies?

Jan 15, 2020, 12:03


Look at the thread dealing with Ackerman please.  There is a list of youngsters quoted there,  

Jan 15, 2020, 12:34

Comrade Mike ... you wouldn't know talent if it slapped you in the face.

I've already pointed the quotas out to you regarding the Goats.

Half the squad Rassie picked didn't belong there.

The Proteas are following the same racist principles.

No ... your "fringe" players are full blooded QUOTAS. Am, Bongi, Jantjies, Beast, Willemse but to mention a few.

But just like Nkwe, your alliance to the ANC doesn't allow you to see that.


Jan 15, 2020, 12:38

Why are you guys looking for a quality black batsman.

Why not select on merit.

Isn't that easier ... fairer ... ??

Stop embracing racism.

Jan 15, 2020, 14:00

The one black guy that can half bat...ergo skipper material.


Jan 15, 2020, 14:35


In which country do you live?

This merit thing you speak of, what is that?

Jan 15, 2020, 14:35

Chip chip I did not know you were black shows how much you feature on here

I guess Clown Cunt does not talk to you?

Does Chippo stand for chip on the shoulder?

Jan 15, 2020, 14:46

"duuuuh Chip, does chip stand for chip on shoulder"
did you think that up all on your own or did one of your sons coaches have to help you?

fuckin moron.

Did you learn about rugby from "Ernie Els's book on putting"?

Saffex, do you still live with your mom?
That must be quite awkward... you sleeping in her bed to keep safe while your son is in the room next door.

Jan 15, 2020, 14:50

Chip chip it all makes sense now

I feel your pain

Jan 15, 2020, 15:00

Thanks Saf.
Back to sporting matters now.

check out my marques ackerman reply.
keen to hear your thoughts.

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