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Jan 29, 2021, 16:36

The way that he plays he needs good surfaces says the commentator.’

‘That first innings shot is not what you would expect of a batsmen of his caliber, that type of shot goes through the changing room’.

So the challenge is clear and familiar. A great innings from Ock probably wins the test....failure likely  loses it. And Ock tentatively prods forward and loses his wicket. 

In the first innings one could accuse him of a Dud error, mental failure. But in the second he  clearly feels the responsibility and doesn’t deliver. Has he ever when he isn’t swinging the bat?

Ock remains technically vulnerable. The gap between bat and pad.....the pushing of hands at the ball means any movement is a problem. On nice flat surfaces with an even bounce he is Roy McClean. But even then very often he is Dud as he was in the first innings.

He will have many big innings on flat wickets when it doesn’t count.....when defense and attack are required Ock is not your man. A classic number 7 bat you hope comes off, but can’t count on.

Jan 29, 2021, 17:02

Your take on de Kock is about as accurate as it is with de Allende and PSDT

de Kock is not vulnerable at all other than in his head. One of the top most gifted bats in the game but has no brains

That shot he played in the first innings is the very reason he should be the captain

Jan 29, 2021, 17:26

I assume you mean the very reason he should ‘not’ be captain. Nor should he bat above 7, your take on Ock is the same as your take on Luke Watson. 

Jan 29, 2021, 17:45

Definitely not be the captain and given he is one of the most talented bats in the game your take on him not batting above 7 is insulting

Jan 29, 2021, 20:29


I do not understand what your reasoning is in this case,   De Kock has near to double the number of centuries than Graeme Smith in  ODI's /  I think in the cricket team he is as effective as Du Toit and De Allende was in the WC in 2019 - but he seems to be out of  form  on the slow Pakistan pitch.

May I remind you that you nearly had a seizure when De Kock replaced Smith in the ODI team in 2013 and that seizure is still affecting you.   

In cricket De Kock is not a defender - he is poor in doing that  - somebody is stopping him from playing his natural game and it is not working out,     Obviously he is not interested in the captaincy of as team comprising of  duds  who even on provincial level has poorer averages that most of the younger players have,   They do not have tie averages on test level that is expected from  test players either,   

Two years of batting flops and then came along a team with  serious bowloing deficiencya nd suddenly Elgar and Du Plessis are tops.   That is the joke of the year,    Just answer one simple question - how do one rebuilt a top squad with the batsmen being poor slection of over 30 years of age players,     The fools selected a  so-called "young" squid for the T20I's against Pakistan - bot the average age of the young players are 28,4 and they call that teambuilding.                 

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