Once again the Aussies are the anti Proteas….

Forum » Cricket » Once again the Aussies are the anti Proteas….

Nov 19, 2023, 16:40

In a cauldron of Indian support, the Aussies show what guts can do. A fool on here predicted a team chosen from India’s vast population couldn’t lose…turns out competitiveness trumps numbers.

Head played the kind of innings de Kock could never produce under pressure. The Aussie bowlers never lost their sense of purpose.

Above all the Aussies had energy, belief, unlike the Proteas who looked like losers from the off. It’s not genetic it’s cultural…Marnus  showed us that. 

Congratulations to the Aussies, but for me this was our most disappointing failure. Not a quirk of the rules….not the  bounce of the ball….not a failure of judgement…..a pure lack of bottle.

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