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Feb 07, 2019, 08:26

The Pakistan tour is over and the results were as follows:-

*     Tests      -    3 played     =     SA   won   3  -   0

*      ODI’s    -     5 played    =     SA   won   3   -   2

*     T20I’s    -     2 played    =     SA   won   2   -    1

SA moved up in the ratings as follows:-

*     Tests     from      4  to   2

*      ODI’s    from     5  to   3

*      T20I’s   from     6 to     3

Interesting  new Players who played


In  tests  the only newby was Hamza.   His first innings in the thir test was very good and he showed signs of a promising test career

Of the bowlers the situation was that Olivier was the top bowler in tests and he came very near to setting a 116 years old record  in bowling in a 3 series tests  (24 wickets


The newby was  Rassie van der  Dussen.   This guy was really special,   His batting was superb and his fielding very, very good.   Should have been utilized  on this level  years ago.   He  played for his provimncial  franchise as an opener  and may be better utilized as an opener.  


The only name to crop up here again was Van der Dussen – he was excellent  in all 3 T20’s


There was a string of new players  selected.   The bowlers were not worth mentioning. But Janneman Malan is.   He was very good in the second  T29I, but failed in the third one.       

 Players maintaining High Stanndards


I would say the following showed their class in games:-

Markram,   -    209  runs   =  6  innings   -

Amla           -     241 runs   =    6 innings

De Kock      -     238 runs   =    4  innings

Du Plessis  was an interesting one,   After a golden duck in test 1 he made a century in test 2 and did not play in test 3

Amongst the bowlers the outstanding players were Rabada, Steyn and Tahir,

Amla;s performance in fielding in the slips was disappointing,


The following players set high standards:

Du Plessis, De Kock

Rabada, Tahir





De Bruin


Although Amla scored good runs in two of the ODI’s – there was a serious strike rate problem and the Proteas lost in both the ODI’s concerned .   He was poor in fielding.

Steyn was very average in  bowling in ODI’s and gave away too many runs in the process,


Not worth discussing .      

Feb 07, 2019, 08:50

My favorite team to beat. 

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