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May 19, 2019, 19:39

our hopes pinned on Quinton de Kock ? .... lmao

May 19, 2019, 19:48

Can't argue with that. From a batting point of view who other than QdK do you see being our saviour?

May 19, 2019, 19:50

There is nothing wrong with De Kock - he is a class batsman - better thamn Graeme Smith ever was in ODI's.

The question remains about consistency,   De Kock was the third highest run scorer in the recent IPL series and was a matchwinner to boot.   That means there is the required consistency,  De Kocj is not the problem - the rest of the batting line-up is.   I hope Markram is in the starting line-up - for the rest I have my doubts,

As to Amla and Steyn the fact is both are over-the-hill and should not have been  in the squad.   The loss of Nortje is a major problem from a bowling perspective.

I am not so desperate and think that the Proteas will be in the top 4 on the log.    


May 19, 2019, 19:59

QdK is a game is AB...we should have had both.

May 19, 2019, 20:28

Ou Maaik, I think we'll do very well to get into the playoffs.

India and England look like certainties to me and Australia are very likely. That leaves us, New Zealand, Pakistan and the Windies fighting for the last spot.

On CWC history we have almost zero chance of finishing ahead of New Zealand. I'm afraid when it comes to the CWC we are their bunnies. 

Pakistan are the big unknown element because they play so few internationals these days but I somehow doubt that all the  Pakistani talent we've seen over so many years - think Javed Mianded, Inzamum Ul Haq,Wasim Akram, Imran Khan and Waqar Younis - has suddenly dried up . . . especially with an ex cricketer like Imran Khan as their current Prime Minister.

The West Indies are almost as big CWC chokers as us but if you look at how some of their players have performed in recent IPLs then they have the talent to not just scrape in as the 4th qualifier but win the thing. Who do we (or anyone) have who can compare with Chris Gayle, Andre Russell and Jason Holder? Chuck in promising youngsters like Shimron Hetmyer, Nicholas Pooran and Evin Lewis and the Windies should be among the favourites.

We'll do very well to make the playoffs and to do that we'll need Kagiso Rabada and Dale Steyn to regain full fitness and someone to at least support Quinton de Kock. Faf du Plessis had some decent IPL form but at least one of Hashim Amla, David Miller or Aiden Markram is going to have to step up to the plate as well.

I don't see us making the last 4 but if we do, it'll be because of Quinton de Kock . . . and our other potential (and currently fit) match-winner Imran Tahir. No question AB de Villers would have given us a huge weapon and some kind of winning chances but as great a match-winning batsman as he is, I'm not so sure I want a bible-bashing prima-donna who picks and chooses which formats of the game he wants to play in my team.

Go Chokeas!!!

May 19, 2019, 20:28

Mike no one said QdK was a problem. But I'm glad you found the need to warrant his approval

May 19, 2019, 20:41

Well, Chippo, I would say that Blikkies' "LMAO" at the notion that Quintin de Kock might be our one hope is what gave ou Maaik some valid reason to object.

I'm interested to know who Blikkies thinks might be more of a reason for us to have some tiny bit of hope. Certainly from a batting point of view, if it's not Quinton then who? Who doesn't make Blikkies "LHAO" . . . or should we have no hope at all?

May 19, 2019, 23:04

I agree with most of what's been said, I disagree with Steyn being over the hill or AB360 being a prima donna. If there's swing about then Dale becomes a serious player and yes Mike it's pretty damn sad about Nortje. 

Just a couple of things I'll  add.....when the Proteas were out here earlier this year Shane Warne remarked that they were a good side going into the WC and that they could win it. Mark Waugh responded with "South Africa's always had a good side going into the WC." True and I have to disagree with Warne and say the current side is the worst going into the WC. But you know, cricket is a funny game and that's where I'm pinning my hopes.

Just for a moment let's ignore all of the above barring cricket being a funny game, for the Proteas to win they need to score a minimum of 350 runs against all of the good sides.....the question is, can they?

May 20, 2019, 00:22

Denny You've hit the nail on the head. Scoring 350 plus against the rest of the big5 is going to be our biggest challenge.

Seeing England mow down 350 with ease against Pakistan was a bit of an eye opener.

I don't think it's all soon and gloom though and I have high hopes of us reaching the semis.

But to do so, well need a fit KG and Dale or Ngidi. They'll need to keep sides down below par scores at respective grounds.

QdK and Faf are in super form. If we can have either one of Amla, Markram, JP or Rattie to also fire on various occasions, we shouldn't keep our hopes firing.

Proteas and Bokke play best when they play as underdogs.

It's the nature of our nation.

May 20, 2019, 00:23

Let's not forget about Tahirs important role as well.

May 20, 2019, 00:34

Chippo mate, forget all the variables and "ifs"'s the thing, the key to winning the WC is simple, score 350+,  our attack will do the business. I have absolute faith in Otis Gibson as our bowling coach. The question is as I've said....can we? 

May 20, 2019, 05:30

Maybe I was just touchy about De Kock because he was under constant attack by some of our members for at least five years now.   

The problem is that De Kock has become under virtual constant pressure because his batting partner Amla went sour over the past year,   If tat was Amla's only problem it would not have been as bad as it is at present - his fielding became even a worse problem. 

If there is indeed a problem with De Kock it is his tendency to start hitting out at every ball bowled at him to make sure a reasonable batting score is attained - especialy when his partners fail to maintain a reasonable strike rate,   

So who should his partners be?   Van der Dussen played in England for a season and came back a different player from what he used to be with a top class batting record,   Markram was in England playing club cricket for a few months and performed excellently under those conditions.   I would say that they should bat as follows:-

1   De Kock

2   Markram

3   Van der Dussen

4   Du Plessis

5   Miller

6   Duminy

To get to a score of 360+ there is the need for hitting plenty of sixes and fours.   The sixes is of particular importance in the  later stages of games when the field is spread out and fours become more difficult.   That is where AB was so good - but he is gone and will not be back to play any ODI's.   Playing for Bengalore in the IPL he was 50:50 in performance - had been successful in about 4 games and failed in the rest.   That was one reason why Bengalore ended up on the bottom of the  IPL log.

Now back to the Proteas.   I believe that Markram and Van der Dussen gained valuable experience playing in England conditions and being the attacking players they in fact are may be to the advantage of the Proteas. 

In other words - if we have a player whith a good strikle rate opening with De Kock there is a good chance that there would be less pressure on De Kock and that could help in getting the Proteas over the line.

As stated above New Zealand was remarkably successful playing SA in WC matches but then we have to bear in mind that in both play-off matches in 2011 and 2015 Amla failed badly and Smith failed as well in 2011.  The 2015 failure had more to do with playing an unfit Philander than it had to do with failure in batting.

Be it as it may I think that the Proteas will do better playing on Engalnd pitches than they did playing in India and New Zealand.                        


May 20, 2019, 09:52


IF our bowlers fire, we won't need to score 350 to win in most games.

I agree England are phenominal at the moment, but I dont see many teams scoring 350 against Rabada, Steyn and Tahir.

May 21, 2019, 02:04

Well that's the thinking but I believe it's not going to work that way especially if the Protea's bat first. Bowling accuracy is going to prove critical on slow flat wickets and anything short or wide is going to land in the car park. From what I've seen so far the wickets are batting friendly. 

May 21, 2019, 23:19

Oops, sorry for the longggggg delay for my remark on Quinton de Kock. I said that purely because I believe early in his career some reports said that he prefers softer (slower?) wickets - like those that are found on the Indian continent. Many wickets in the UK are nowadays prepared  with very hard surfaces, thus not very advantageous for QdK.

Hope I am wrong, but I am not very hopeful.

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