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Dec 30, 2020, 10:36


You asked me about potential return of Rabada in the second test, but it seems from the latest comments of Boucher that he is unlikely to play next week.   

The other bowler they may rest is Ngidi = he was used rather sparingly and bowled only 29 overs in two innings giving away 102 runs for a return of 3,52 runs per over.   The problem is that the longer he bowls the higher the runs given away becomes,

He is another player that may be given a rest in the second test bearing in min the comments of Boucher,   The problem will then be that they have a problem with an opening bowler that could partner Nortje.

They might in Johannesburg - where spin bowling is not really effective bring in  a fourth fast and medium-paced bowlers instead o three and one spinner,   

Boucher made no comments on the batsman issue - but I still have a suspicion that they may bring in Van Tonder in the place of Van der Dussen.   Why did they bring him in to field early in the second innings if there are no plans to play him sooner rather than later? 


Dec 30, 2020, 11:11

By the way their is no certainty about the program for touts in 2021 - but there is no certainty about anything,   

*   Australia is set top come to SA for a three test series starting  on 21 February 2021 - but that seems to be planned  subject to the Chinese virus situation.

SA is likely to go to Pakistan sometime over the next six months.

The Indian shorter version series postponed last year - may also be brought forward to this year - but there is no certainty when that will take place,   It may take place in the eriod after the Indians returned from their Australian visit and before the arrival of the Aussies ,   India do not play internationals during the IPL season that may next year again be played in the channel states,   ,       

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