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Feb 02, 2022, 09:34

All of these recent allegations are coming out from previous black players, about certain white players that behaved in a racist way in the past.

If you had the courage of your convictions, and you felt so strongly about how you were treated at any time in the past.....why would you not address these extremely serious issues, if and when they actually occurred.

I would have much more respect for all of these black players that were supposedly treated in a racist way in the past.... if they had voiced these very serious concerns and allegations when they actually happened.

Why make all of this money.... over all these years.... but accept and put up with all of this repeated abusive and racist behaviour, if it really was that bad............

Surely then, at the time that all of this racist stuff was happening, the money you were receiving just superseded the way that you were being treated?

It just seems to me that players like Ntini and Adams, and others... were more than happy to accept this kind of "behaviour" whilst the good money was coming in, but once they retired as a player, then made all of these allegations....

If it was proven to have really happened, with the required proof...... then I do honestly hope that the guilty parties are punished severely.... but it leaves a very sour taste behind, when someone gets whatever personal finances they can get out of something like this, from playing fees, endorsements, sponsorships..... and say absolutely nothing at all for more than 10 to 15 years........but then only complain of racist behaviour when you are all set financially and retired....

Feb 02, 2022, 09:43

The fact is the complainants have their own agenda - they want high paying jobs blocked by Smith and Boucher and the method used is racist attacks on incumbents,     This type of thing ahs been the core of SA problems for the past 20 years and especially under Zuma.     The fact is that there are  ulterior reasons attached to the  story.  

In the USA the new motto of the demo0crats is RACISM - but the real racists are the people who shout racism 24/7.


Feb 02, 2022, 10:22

The common denominator here.... in every single complaint, recently put forward by a black player..... is that racist behaviour seems to be perfectly fine and acceptable, as long as the money is coming in...... because nobody wants to risk their career by shouting racism as the newbie or black player in the team...... but then shout it when their career is over.

This is identical with every single racist complaint put forward by all the black players..... every single one of them.

It all seems extremely hollow.

Feb 21, 2022, 17:44

Yep while the money was rolling in no problem.

Now once they have tasted the good life with money earned they thought that it would last after their playing days with lucrative coaching contracts, TV etc.

But alas you playing talents (?) were mostly unfounded and now because you cannot support the "Good Life style" you tasted you are crying "Racists this and Racist that".

Grow up get a life and better still go and get a job.

Work.....oh shit what is that?

No training, no natural talent or work ethic will land you in a good job and of course you are entitled to a good job because you are not white.

Yes the world and RSA owes you a living as you are the owners and first nation of the country of South Africa.


You guys are nothing but ANC stooges.

No one and no country owes you anything.

Wake up and smell the mess you are living in.


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