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Mar 04, 2022, 17:03

These sporting tragedies seem to be happening in pairs lately.

Rodney Marsh and Shane Warne, two legends of Australian cricket, died within hours of one another, both from heart attacks.

Just as an aside, those newspaper headline writers and TV news speechwriters calling Shane Warne the greatest spin bowler of all time, well, take out the word "spin" and call him what he was . . . the greatest bowler of all time.

Edit: Dense and Blikkies, please note that I posted that before I saw your respective tributes otherwise I would have added to your threads.

Mar 04, 2022, 17:14

Warney posted a tweet a tribute to Marsh 13 hours before he died of a massive heart attack apparently in Thailand. This is just too bizarre for words.

Another great gone. This loss is huge, not just for Aussie but for the whole cricketing world.

RIP the King of Spin.

Mar 05, 2022, 01:14

Agreed Rooi - best bowler ever and the swagger to go with it. I watched his documentary about two weeks ago - great watch

Very sad loss to the cricketing world - brilliant player and great commentator

Mar 05, 2022, 01:58

May both RIP.  Warne to my mind was the best spin bowler ever.   He had many "bunnies in the world" - batmen just did not know what was coming.  Cullinan was one of those unfortunates.           

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