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Jan 10, 2023, 21:26

Teams Playing MI Cape Town vs  Paarl Royals

Baby AB Brewis was magnificent and deserved to be the Player of the Match - he scored 70 runs from 41 balls and was in the end not out.

His opening partner was Rickelton who scored  42 runs from 36 balls -  also a good performance 

Van der Dussen also batted and did not make a positive contribution.   Sub-Standard

The MI Cape Town bowler with the least runs given away was Duan Jacobs - 5,33 runs per over.

The MI Cape Town team won the match earning a bonus point as well.   

Jan 11, 2023, 06:38

Thanks for posting the teams.

Jan 11, 2023, 21:15

Durban Super Giants vs Johannesburg Super Kings 

The Johannesburg Super Kings won the match 

The only two SA players that made outstanding contributions were -

*     Donovan Ferreira who scored 8o runs from 40 balls and took one wicket giving away 28 runs - incidentally the wicket he took was De Kock; and

*     Quinton de Kock who made 78 runs from 46 balls. 

Mozart's hero Klaasen was substandard and in the context of the match so was Du Plessis.

Would like to see a ODI and T20 matches with Brevis and De Kock opening the batting. That would cause major problems for any opposing team.         

Jan 11, 2023, 21:15


Jan 11, 2023, 21:43

"Mozart's hero Klaasen was substandard..."

Oh that's so unusual, oh wait on perhaps they should replace him with Amla or Zonk-ou.

Jan 12, 2023, 22:42

Eastern Cape Sunrisers vs  Pretoria Capitals

These two teams are both riddled with poor SA players - both batsmen and bowlers.   The only bowler who did well was Nortje who took 2 wckets giving away 18 runs in for overs.

The best SA batsman who scored acceptable runs was J J Smuts - who was a failure when playing for the Proteas.   

Markram was seriously disappointing as a batsman - but did not bowled badly.   Stubbs did better than Markram in batting - but did not score enough runs to be regarded as acceptable.    

 The fielding of both teams was shockingly poor.    

Jan 13, 2023, 13:19

They're not the only teams riddled with substandard players, I'd throw in the Super Kings and the Paarl Royals as well. 

Jan 13, 2023, 16:38

Paarl Royals vs   Johannesburg Super Kings

The Johaansburg Super Kings only made 81 runs all out and the Paarl made 82 runs in ten overs.   There was a total collapse in batting of the Johannesburg team and all the batsmen was atrocious.   All of Faf and Hendricks was totally disastrous.

I could not watch the main part of the match - we had 4 hour of loadshedding this afternoon.   There are too many "old" failures in the Johannesburg team and i cannot help thinking that any similar series in future should ensure that they look at real talent - not the rubbish that is still around.        

Jan 13, 2023, 21:21

MI Cape Town vs Durban Super Giants

 The Durban Super Giants won the match after a batting collapse by the MI Cape Town.   

Brewis got clean-bowled by a swinging ball bowled at 123kph - very disappointing.   For the rest Roelofsen wa the best batsman in this game and Mulder did well as a batting all-rounder..       


Jan 15, 2023, 03:25

The MI Cape Town vs Johannesburg Super Kings

Due to loadshedding I could not watch any cricket yesterday - we were off electricity for 10,5 hours yesterday.   

Another example of the total failure of established Protea players in the Johannesburg team -  bar in the case of the bowling by Rabada whose bowling was top class.   The best batsman in both sides was Brewis.    Coetzee was also making hay as a bowler for the losing side.    .            

Jan 16, 2023, 02:47

Durban Super Giants vs Paarl Royals 

Another 4 hours load shedding make watching of this game virtually impossible.   I in the end put on the generator to watch part of the match.

Durban Super Giants made a strategic decision not to open with two left-handers and sent in Mulder to open the batting.    Successful  -  Mulder made 42 runs from 33 balls faced.   De Kock then came in and made 57 runs from 31 balls.

The bowling of the Paarl team especially towards the end was atrocious and Klaasen made his only good score in the series scoring 50 runs from 19 balls.   In the end Durban made 216 runs in 20 overs.      

The Paarl Royals had two batsmen who made significant runs - Morgan and Villas - fo the rest the team was flat in the batting department and in the end the Durban team made 188 runs, losing the match.    Mulder took 2 wickets and ws invlved n the run-ut of Morgan - who scored 64 runs.        

Jan 16, 2023, 03:12

MI Cape Town vs  Eastern Cape Sunrisers

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