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Feb 22, 2019, 01:03

I am really waiting from the attacks of he and his minions on Markram  and De Kock for their questionable performance by only making 60 and 86 runs respectively,  

And also why Amla should not to be blamed for losing his wicket without scoring a single run - he was clean-nowled receiving the first ball bowled at him.

The lying and inventions by the orcs is unbelievable,   Does the main orc still thinks De Kock should be replaced by Klaasen?         

Feb 22, 2019, 02:08

Amla has lost some confidence....and dropping those catches hasn't helped. Nor has the rabid, youth oriented fan base and media who put great pressure on the guy after scoring a brilliant 108 not out against Paki.

But here's the far this year he has scored 371 runs and been out 10 times, for an average of 37.

That's about 10 runs below his career average, clearly his powers have slipped. While that's not great news, the question of whether he was done....first raised by Pervert 4 years ago.....has been fully answered. He clearly wasn't done 4 years ago.

Is he done now? Maybe....but he has come back from these slumps before. And he was out today in a way that was very much the young Amla, beaten through the gap with his bat shooting in from point. And it was a hell of a ball!

So I'm not sure he is done. But I am sure if he is done.....we are pretty much done. Much the same way we have been done since our great 2007 rugby team retired. The rush to replace these greats is just a rush towards mediocrity. There is nobody available who can replace Amla at 90% of his best.

Feb 22, 2019, 06:09

Mike you really are pathetic. It's plain to see what you're on about, sweating on Amla to fail so that you can rub it into Mozart. Your hate and OBSESSION is out of control but what you don't realise, fool, is that everytime Amla fails it becomes a nail in the coffin of the Proteas and there hopes of winning the WC. You obviouly delight in Amla's failure, it's suits your childish and immature agenda.

Do you have a life away from this site?

I doubt it. 

The forums are swamped with your posts. Ever thought of joining a walking club?

I'd hate to imagine you dropping dead while obsessing this site.

Feb 22, 2019, 08:00


The problem is the lie has taken precedence insofar as the orc is concerned,   First of all there was nothing I wrote 4 years ago about Amla.   I started to have doubts about Amla opening the ODI batting about 18 months ago and suggested at the time that he should not open - but move down to three or even lower in the order,   I never suggested that he should be dropped from the team at the time.

The fact that Amla is done for insofar as international cricket is concerned became more evident in the last 12 months as a gradual downturn in his batting performances became more evident.   Even the 108 runs not out against the Pakistani's became part of the problem - as remarked on by Mark Nicholas - when the Proteas lost the match because in overs 40 to 47 he as batting at a rate of 4,82 rpo,   After all in that period teams are  expected to make 8 or even more rpo.   

So that was part of the problem,   Since 2013 then orc went on a campaign against De Kock,   It was bad a the start and never got better,   Let me add that in the past year he advocated that De Kock be replaced by Klaasen as Wicket Keeper, and last week went on the rampage about how De Kock was  out in the second innings. claiming that he was poor against the Sri Lamka spinner, despite evidence to the contrary,

No Denny - the man is just part of a hate campaign against anybody who oppose his ridiculous ideas on site,   Because I supported younger player on site to replace the totally out of form rugby and cricket greats of the past he started calling me a pervert.   Your advice about hatred should go to him.   

I have tried to make peace with him a number of times and it was thrown back straight in my face the first time I differed from him.   None of my peace efforts lasted more than a month, before he broke it by returning to his hate speech despite repeated pleas by me to end his nonsense.    I am always ready to change the  situation and try again,  but it depends entirely on Mozart and am afraid  that like in the past it would not work out.             


Feb 22, 2019, 09:34

This from News24 - it may open the eyes of some of our members:-

"Perhaps the best development from a South African perspective at St George's Park on Thursday was that the pivotal second Test against Sri Lanka already seems massively likely, after fast-moving day one, to deliver a result.

Once again, though, there weren't too many other good points for the Proteas, who only underlined their mounting characteristic in the five-day format of a so often lethal bowling attack being negatively offset by their widespread batting frailties.

Thirteen wickets tumbled on the opening day, 10 of them the host nation's after they'd won the toss, as the game found itself right in the balance by the close - Sri Lanka 60 for three in reply to an acutely disappointing 222 by Faf du Plessis' team.

The Proteas would have had redder faces, too, but for Quinton de Kock, the one pleasing bastion of real consistency at present, scoring a virtually run-a-ball 86 from the No 6 berth.

With good weather generally on the radar for the remainder of the Test, a draw in Port Elizabeth is an unlikely scenario even at this early juncture.

Stalemate is an outcome the visitors and heavy pre-series underdogs would gleefully seize with both hands, thank you very much, considering that they would be assured of 1-0 triumph in the compressed series and simultaneously become the very first Subcontinent side in 22 attempts to prevail on South African soil.

As things stand, they remain very much at the races in the Friendly City to make it a 2-0 sweep, which would truly signal a disaster and rank humiliation for the Proteas.

Becoming more and more likely, though, is that South Africa - still with vital work to do in the field on Friday, mind - face a watershed second innings, whatever the eventual outcome of the contest.

They will require a few batsmen who have increasingly tenuous holds on their present positions, to either go big then or go "home": more specifically, make way for others or at very least change berths in some instances.

Another top-order slump, of the kind that saw them depressingly wilt to 15 for three on Thursday (quickly banishing any dreams of a now notably rare 400-plus insurance total) really must be considered a last straw now; a signal for meaningful reshaping of the order.

Certainly all of the trio who failed in the first hour at St George's - Dean Elgar, Hashim Amla and Temba Bavuma - should be under harsh, special scrutiny from the brains trust and sorely in need of weighty vigils the second time around if they are to cling to their current posts.

Elgar is meant to be team's scrapper, always a handy hallmark to possess in the ranks, but even gritty battlers are expected to make runs and it is a cold fact that he averages 18 in 13 Test innings since his altogether happier last summer in a Proteas shirt.

As for the veteran Amla, who registered his first golden duck in his 214th innings, his latest misfortune only adds to his overall, violent decline as a once-dominating Test batsman over the last 18 months or thereabouts.

Your No 3 custodian (though he has occasionally been at four) failing to register a century in 28 knocks and only going past 50 six times is hardly the stuff of stability in a bedrock position, and it is possible - as I suggested earlier in the week - that the soon 36-year-old will step down from his largely glittering Test career soon after this game, whether or not he gets significantly among the runs in his second turn at the crease.

There is an increasing risk otherwise that a decision may be taken out of his hands, and that would not be a dignified, appropriate way for the wonderful warrior to go.

Bavuma? The frustration around him only increases, really.

He somehow manages to combine confidence and technical capability with a perplexing failure to notch the kind of meaty scores required at No 4 - the old "Jacques Kallis position".

On Thursday he was responsible for his own demise for a duck by backing up too far and being run out at the non-striker's end, but it only brought into further question his suitability to operating so high in the order - one century from 58 innings in various slots is hardly a justification for occupying that prime spot - and the 28-year-old just seems immeasurably better suited to aiding the cause from less pressured five or six at this stage.

It is all very well for people to protest "who else is there?" for some of the problem batting berths in the SA team.

But the cycle of rank instability only continues and matters really ought to come to a head if the Proteas' second innings in PE is afflicted by the same problems as the first, or else it will seem only more reasonable to accuse the selectors of inertia or, at very least, over-generosity toward failing figures.

A continued trend of under-delivery would only serve as an insult to those like Zubayr Hamza, Theunis de Bruyn, Pieter Malan - and perhaps also recent one-day international stride-makers Reeza Hendricks and Rassie van der Dussen? - waiting patiently in the queue for a fair, reasonably protracted crack at the Test landscape.

Yes, the scheduled next series, against India away much later in the year, is a hugely taxing one and some allowance will have to be made for solid experience within the ranks.

Then again, a few current Proteas players may well still be mentally scarred by the  0-3 hammering there last time around: most of the alternatives names mentioned would not be "..

Feb 22, 2019, 11:24


The problem is the lie has taken precedence insofar as the orc is concerned,   First of all there was nothing I wrote 4 years ago about Amla.   I started to have doubts about Amla opening the ODI batting about 18 months ago

Well.... you are correct in a way Mike..... it was not 4 years ago, it was actually 5 years ago

Where is this lie you are referring to?


Status: Hall Of Fame Posts: 11676 RE: Crap Proteas June 20, 2013, 11:13:21

bluebook I am not sure of Amla on ODI level - he is no doubt excellent in tests - but on ODI a questionable opener - and then we have another opener that should have been at no 3 and is not an opening batter at all.

Feb 22, 2019, 11:38

Two years later

Mar 03, 2015, 17:52


Amla was not out of favour ever with me - fact is I was not overly impressed by his performances in the first two rounds of the WC - because of the difference between his performances in that case and his normal performances making him the no 2 ODI batsman in the world.

Feb 22, 2019, 12:04

Below, another post from 4 years ago seems to be a regular concern and post of yours

How can you say you only started posting your doubts about Amla opening as a ODI player, 18 months ago?

Mar 25, 2015, 09:02

Better to look at Amla as well - he had a poor game again on Tuesday and failed in both play-off games

Looking at the future we will have to accept some changes and some hard ones as well. It is not around the so-called bit players only and the WC has presented us with some serious question marks as to -

*  is Amla an ODI player or should he focus on Test cricket?

Feb 22, 2019, 15:46

Thanks DA. A decent human being would apologize, Tokkie has deteriorated so much it's probably not going to happen.

Feb 22, 2019, 17:14


All the comments mentioned two things - praise when he did well in the first two rounds of the WC in 2015 - and question marks when he failed in the play-offs in the WC.

Asking whether he should bat lower down in the order  does not mean that he should be out of the order and some logical questions were all it amounts to.

I wrote a number of posts where I did ask whether he should not bat lower down in the order,   None of the above quotes supported anything about wanting to get rid of him from the ODI squad so the orc's lie is real.   I did not from the start said that De Kock should not be in any team of the Prorteas - like the orc did and still do.

Be it as it may - I normally comment on what actually happens in games and often looks at series and all games played.   I do not condemn players based on pet hatred - I leave that to the orc.   I look at cold facts and cold facts indicate that at present Amla and Elgar has deteriorated so badly that their presence in the Protea squads will lead to constant disaster.   The further Amla is away from the WC squad the better,. .        

Feb 22, 2019, 17:54

The cold fact is you condemned him at least 4 years also wanted him to bat at 7 in the T20 team around that time. Stupid doesn't begin to cover it.

Feb 23, 2019, 00:05

Another bible reading explanation after he was caught out when a simple apology would have left him with a bit of dignity intact.

The man is seriously obssessed and delusional in believing he is innocent even when caught out.

We see this over and over again.

Feb 23, 2019, 14:10



The statement was that I was campaigning to get rid of Amla 5 years ago.   Then DA quoted some posts I made after the 2015 WC - less than four years ago.   I never said anything in the quotes about getting rid of Amla.  I made a suggestion about him not opening the batting - but batting lower down in the order - and when I asked a question about Amla it was merely for debating purposes - nothing else.

I am not going to apologize based on anything that was not the true reflection of what I actually wrote on site,  

Feb 26, 2019, 08:31

Mike, help me out here

You posted this comment below, to Denny, 4 days ago


The problem is the lie has taken precedence insofar as the orc is concerned,   First of all there was nothing I wrote 4 years ago about Amla.   I started to have doubts about Amla opening the ODI batting about 18 months ago

I then post this comment of yours, which was made by you, about Amla, 5 years ago


Status: Hall Of Fame Posts: 11676 RE: Crap Proteas June 20, 2013, 11:13:21

bluebook I am not sure of Amla on ODI level - he is no doubt excellent in tests - but on ODI a questionable opener

You also again questioned if Amla should be playing in ODI's just under 4 years ago


Mar 25, 2015, 09:02

Better to look at Amla as well - he had a poor game again on Tuesday and failed in both play-off games

*  is Amla an ODI player or should he focus on Test cricket?

Therefore, you did post your doubts about Amla 4 years and plus ago

Also, you did not only start having doubts about Amla opening our batting, 18 months ago, it was in fact 4 years ago, as I originally stated

Why are you pretending that you did not say this or intimate this, or that it never happened?

Feb 26, 2019, 10:37


Sorry - but I had doubts about Amla opening the batting after the 2015 WC.   That was just under 4 years ago.  

I never said at the time  I wanted him dropped from the ODI squad - thought batting lower down in the order may help Amla.  So why did I change my view  about him remaining in the squad and batting lower down in the order recently?  Because he failed badly over the last 18 months - either through scoring low totals or rpo problems - even where eh made good enough runs - the rpo problems caused the Proteas to lose games. 

I never indicate anything else and never denied that I wrote what I did.   It was the total misrepresentation of facts by Mozart and you that I pointed out.  

Feb 26, 2019, 12:52

"It was the total misrepresentation of facts by Mozart and you that I pointed out."

Mike, what the hell are you on about?

You made this statement below to Denny, only 4 days ago

I started to have doubts about Amla opening the ODI batting about 18 months ago  

How do you explain then...... that you say you only started having doubts about Amla opening the batting 18 months ago, when in 2013..... 5 years ago, you posted this below about Amla opening the batting?

Status: Hall Of Fame Posts: 11676 RE: Crap Proteas June 20, 2013, 11:13:21   

bluebook I am not sure of Amla on ODI level - he is no doubt excellent in tests - but on ODI a questionable opener

Are you seriously not going to admit that you posted this exact same concern about Amla….. 5 years ago..... and NOT only started getting concerned about Amla 18 months ago, as you stated to Denny

Come now Mike, stop speaking shit....point out where and what misrepresentations I have posted about you here

Feb 26, 2019, 13:10

Listen DA

I wrote a lo of things on this site as to what the situation is at the stage of writing,   The latest quote of yours is plain BS.   A simple question asked about  player as to ODI's is now a major issue raised by you.    

Amla proved to be  very good  ODI player generally - butt he did fail in the 2011 WC.   He was not the only failure - Graeme Smith was so ashamed that he never returned to SA.  He rushed off to Ireland to his then girlfriend, married her and then divorced  he subsequently.  he was ingloriously dropped from the ODI squad in 2013.  

The Amla issue was  never mentioned before the 2015 WC  when Amla failed again in the semi-final.   I then wrote on site that I think it may be advisable to drop him lower in the batting order and based on the 2015 WC issue asked whether he should remain as an ODI player for discussion purposes.

This constant running back to previous contributions are made by members who cannot make a real and positive contributions to present issues and is total and utter BS,   I know you have contribution problems since you are addicted to running back to contributions made long ago because you are too uninformed, cowardly and totally unable to make contributions as to the  present situation.      .        

Feb 26, 2019, 14:32

So in other words, when faced with the cold hard facts in front of you, you are nothing but a cowardly liar, who cannot accept that he made a mistake..... or..... that he lied again to all his fellow posters and just refuses to admit it

What a joke, and for someone your age, to have to post so many lies on this forum...... every day, every week, every month...... is despicable

You should be ashamed of yourself

For the record, my reference was made to the statement that you made to Denny on this forum only 4 days ago, so I responded to your current and present contribution to this forum...….you stupid idiot.

Feb 26, 2019, 14:38

Two posts now come to from Michael himself, but the real gem is actually from BokBF


Feb 27, 2018, 10:35                               


The man is never honest and it is time that that kind of deceit should stop.   He should also stop lying - but that would b totally impossible on his part.

Mike, you need to stop talking about yourself here...…….. get help

And then there is BokBF


Feb 27, 2018, 15:40                                  

There is a bitch slapping and then there is having your foreskin repeatedly slammed in the door.

 Mike just stay down.  

This is the best advice you are ever going to get on this forum Michael...…. just like in this thread, you have been exposed as a blatant liar...…. so..... just stay down toppie…. stay down 

Feb 26, 2019, 14:58

Listen dimness

If you have zero to offer dealing with the present situation it is better not to comment on it.  You cannot be of value as a member other than to try and be an unsuccessful brainless shit stirrer,  I have zero regard for people who distort what was written in the past and then come up with total BS.   

Your interpretation on what I wrote is blatantly dishonest as well - so you are the liar you accuse me of being.   .       

Feb 26, 2019, 15:34

Your interpretation on what I wrote is blatantly dishonest as well - so you are the liar you accuse me of being.   .  

Mmmm, ok then Michael,

I will apologize to you, here, in this thread...... if you can honestly answer me just one question, and prove that I am lying about you

4 days ago, you told Denny that you only started questioning Amla's ability to open the batting 18 months ago, and not further back than that.

Yes - No

Feb 26, 2019, 16:55


You are very quiet Michael

I will give you more time to think this one over

Feb 26, 2019, 18:24

That may have been a mistake on my part and I did write after his semi-disaster in the WC that he may be better utilized lower down in the order.   Over the last 18 months I saw his real problems (deficient eye-hand co-ordination and reaction times in fielding) and pointed it out on site.  I thought it is unlikely to improve bearing in mind his age.

By no I believe he is not international standard cricket player anymore.   

Are you satisfied now?    


Feb 27, 2019, 07:34

That may have been a mistake on my part

Are you satisfied now?


So, my interpretation of what you wrote is in fact not dishonest at all, which you have accused me of...….and I am not a liar, which you have also accused me of being?

At least clear that up, then I will be satisfied...….. because it is sort of the elephant in the room


Feb 27, 2019, 08:38

Don't hold your breath, I'm still waiting for him to withdraw the allegation of me stating that Wiaam Mulder bowls in the mid 120's.

I guess  obsessively posting at 3.30 in the morning could be used as an excuse.

Feb 27, 2019, 09:30

I never really followed why a lot of other posters on here were previously accusing Mike of blatant and continuous lies, but WOW, this was a clear and quick introduction to their obvious frustrations.

The truth and the cold hard facts that I posted about, are right here in this very thread, and yet Michael wants to accuse me of being dishonest and lying about what he has posted, just 4 days ago

Now he says he "may" have made a mistake

I'm gobsmacked by the blatancy of his outright, in your face, dishonesty...….

Feb 28, 2019, 12:54

We still debating Amla?

He's lost his bat speed and he has toothpick arms.

A player with a high back lift that favours playing away from his body relies heavily on bat speed. 

It's no secret. 

He is a legend. Probably one of my favorite Proteas of all time, but he's done.

When you imagine Amla playing his shots. Do you see straight, on and off drives in your mind's eye? No. You see flashy punches, cuts and wide drives.

The reason you see that is because that's how he plays. 

It's too late to start asking him to decrease his channels now and his bat speed never comes back...unless you juice I guess hehe.

Smith said as much a last year during commentary. 


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