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Some recent Amla stats for Clevermike

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Jan 30, 2019, 13:40

Hi Mike

I need to clarify something with you.
Your cricket knowledge is really below par my old friend.
Please, before posting things here... fact check.
Please also know that I analyse cricket stats closer than you analyse Mozart's wrinkles.

So... Amla's recent stats (past 12 ODI series).

Team:            Batting Average
SA vs India          -    78.07
Eng vs SA           -    80.65
Wi vs SA vs Au    -    48.20
Aus vs SA          -    24.66
Sri vs SA            -    52.20
SA vs NZ            -    20.00
SA vs Eng           -    50.66
ICC Trophy          -    51.33
Ban vs SA           -    195.00
Ind vs SA            -    25.66
SA vs Sri             -    32.20   
Pak vs SA            -    66.66

Avg strike rate in the above series:

Now with those stats in mind, who would you suggest replaces him?

In conclusion, id like to ask you to kindly acknowledge that your cricket acumen is really not that great, as much as you may think it is.
And therefore could i ask you to be more objective and research facts.

Jan 30, 2019, 13:41

oh and by the way.... Amla didnt play in the recent series vs Aus, as per your previous posts.

Jan 30, 2019, 13:58


Get real for a change.   I qwrite about Amla's last 10 ODI's and mentioned that thankfully he was not in the Aussie series,.

I did not pick and choose games to paint a tainted figure - I used all his last 10 games and did not add th 11th game on Sunday as well.    

He this morning was a fielding disaster again - how amny disasters has to follow.      


1      Runs      16    -    balls faced     17

2      Runs      23    -     balls faced    32

3      Run         1     -     balls faced      2

4      Runs      33    -     balls faced    40

5      Runs      71   -      balls faced    92

6      Runs      10   -      balls faced    19

Total    Runs           =      154

Total balls faced    =      202

Strike rate               =     76,24

RPO                          =     4,57

The  above figure is not much  of the anchorage in evidence in the series,   Other than the 73 runs Amla’s scores were below par.


1      Runs    108    -    balls faced     120

2      Runs        8    -     balls faced        5

3      Run        25     -     balls faced     30

4      Runs      59    -     balls faced       75

5      runs       14    -      balls faced      17

Total    Runs           =      214

Total balls faced    =      247

Strike rate               =     86,64

RPO                          =     5,19

The above figures  indicate  an improvement in the figures from last year,    In the first ODI  Amla did well  -  he made his first 50 runs  in 52 balls -  but the next  58 runs was  at 68 balls faced.   In the 58 runs is included 10 runs from 1 six and 1 four.    That means from  66 balls faced  Amla made 48 runs – which was at a rate  of 4,36.   This lethargic approach  caused  problems insofar as Mark Nicholas’ remarks  during  overs 40 to 50 and caused some real media problems..    In the fourth  ODI  the RPO was  also  low -  ie  4,72.

I am not interested in his past history - I am interested in what happened over the last two years and particularly so in  whether Amla is on  a downward slide in matches.   He definitely is and that is what is going on at present, 

I am just an observer looking at facts - and that is enough acumen required in this case.   I can see what is practically happening - not what happened in the distant past.   Don't become like the age orc and forget about decline in performances due to age.

Jan 30, 2019, 14:05


Take his past 10 series. His stats are better than any other Protea.

You dont drop a player after a couple of bad games my dear friend.

His SR in this series may not be wonderful, but that is mainly due to the rest of the battiing lineup being so unreliable at the moment.

His SR in the past 10 series is over 90!

Jan 30, 2019, 14:07

Mike, we should meet for a drink one day.

You in KZN?

I'm in Umhlanga often.

Jan 30, 2019, 14:48

@Flashdakota. Facts and stats have a way of ripping Ou Maaikie apart from time to time. He often gets bowled over (pun intended) by the pair.

Take for instance the thread where he asserted tha QdK, statistically, is (note IS) a better keeper than Mark Boucher in his entire career.

This was what he said here “.....However, if you compare Boucher and De Kock statistically, De Kock shows up as a better batsman and even keeper as Boucher managed during his career...”.

Jan 30, 2019, 16:48

Would have loved to meet you but I fled from KZN.   Not a nice place to live in nowadays.   I moved to Riversdale in the Southern Cape and it is like living in a different country,

When you come this way - please inform - would like to have a few beers with you.

Jan 31, 2019, 02:10

'Mozart's wrinkles'......Flash you can't be serious.

Jan 31, 2019, 10:42

That would make for an interesting meet....Mike could tell you all about Meyer, Fat Fransie, Sloth Alberts, Morne and Amla :'(

Jan 31, 2019, 12:44

“Posted by: Denny (6471 posts) Jan 31, 2019, 10:42

That would make for an interesting meet....Mike could tell you all about Meyer, Fat Fransie, Sloth Alberts, Morne and Amla ”

You forgot to add Graeme Smith and Kallis as well.

Jan 31, 2019, 12:56

Aawww dang!....good pickup but then I also forgot Fourie Du Preez!!!! I must admit I didn't get the bit about Kallis but asseblief don't go can only take so much stront.

Jan 31, 2019, 16:57


Not to worry.   Smith was kicked out of the ODI squad after two years of poor performances and replaced with De Kock  in 2013.

The last ODI Kallis actually batted for the Proteas was in a game against Pakistan in 2013.  He made 50 runs facing 90 balls - strike rate  55,56 - rpo  3,33.   After that game he was in the squad to visit Sri Lanka in 2014  and was selected for 2 ODI's - but never batted and only bowled some overs,   SA Cricket desperately wanted him to play in the 2015 WC - but Kallis announced his retirement from ODI cricket after the Sri Lanka  tour. 

Don't get worried about facts and keep on being in dream world, it is not nice to see a great  player going downwards  in performance - it is idiotic to  pretend that it is not happening.  

Feb 01, 2019, 13:20


Sorry to embarass you like this.

But I need to correct you again...

  1. Kallis's last ODI batting inning's were actually against Sri Lanka and not against Pakistan as you stated above.
  2. In his last game against Pakistan, he scored 6 and not 50.

Feb 02, 2019, 09:21


One should not write things from memory and I checked up what happened in 2014 and 2015 so as to rectify what I wrote previously - so here goes.

SA  VS  PAKISTAN  -   2013

Fact is that i wrote what I remembered – that was very, very wrong.   I went back and checked what happened   in the ODI’s in 2013.

For some reason or another the Proteas in 2013 played  three  ODI series  against Pakistan, namely –

*       a five match home series  in March 2013;

*       a five match away series in the Gulf States in November 2013: and

*       a  three match home series  in November 2013


In all those matches Kallis played in only one game and his stats in that game was as follows:-

Runs made         -        50

Balls faced          -        71

Minutes played  -        90

Strike rate           -        70,42

RPO                      -       4,22

Not a house on fire – his strike rate and RPO was too low for comfort.   Nonetheless Kallis was rested with a view to the WC about 15 months away.


Smith in the three series played in 9 games.   His stats was atrocious as is evident rom the following:-

Runs made          -       115

Balls faced           -       180

Strike Rate           -         63,89

RPO                       -         3.83

Runs  average      -         12,9 per game

The problem was that Smith since the 2011 WC  was very average to poor in all ODI’s played .  The  SARU selection committee informed him that he would not play in the third November home OD.   Smith lost his cool and left the sqaud without permission and went off to Cape Town.   There he  announced that he was retiring from ODI cricket.

SARU was obviously happy about the Smith decision since they were perfectly happy with the performance by his replacement De Kock.

De Kock

2013 was effectively the starting year of De Kock’s  international career at the age of twenty.   He played in five ODI’s that year against Pakistan and his results were as follows:-

Runs made          -        248

Balls faced           -        313

Strike Rate           -        79,23

RPO                       -         4,75

Runs  average      -         43,6 per game

One of our members – the age orc – wanted to have a seizure when De Kock replaced Smith and ever since then has been  on an anti-De Kock campaign.


All through 2013 Kallis was put in cotton wool  trying to get him to be included in the 2015 WC.   They had to expose Kallis to some cricket and he was included in the touring squad to Sri-Lanka  in 2014 to play in 3 ODI’s.

Runs made          -            5

Balls faced           -           19

Strike Rate           -         26,31

RPO                       -          1,57 

Runs  average      -          1,67

During the series it was announced that Kallis could not bowl in the series and Kallis at the end of the series announced his retirement  from ODI cricket,

De Kock carried on playing as an opener and his stats continued to impress:=

Runs made          -            159

Balls faced           -            168

Strike Rate           -         94,64

RPO                       -          5,67 

Runs  average      -         51,3


It was clear from the above that –

*    Smith left the ODI component of cricket and his actions in leaving the squad in the middle of a series was not acceptable;

*    Kallis graciously accepted that his presence in the squad is to the detriment of the team and announced his retirement from  ODI cricket; and

*    De Kock laid a sound foundation on his career in ODI cricket.

The question is – is Amla not on the same route as happened  in 2013 to Smith and to  Kallis in 2014.  All the signs are that it is happening – maybe not as badly as the case was in the cases of Smith and Kallis – but the signs are there  that everything is not what it should be,    His stike rate are becoming a serious problem and his career averages are going down – while his fielding is becoming a serious headache for his team.   

Feb 03, 2019, 20:18

Hi Mike

I accept your acceptance of your error above.

Regarding Amla.

I repeat what i said previously...

If we had another young guy banging the door down, i'd say maybe.

But fact remains, he along with Faf are our two most dependable batsman.

I'd much rather have a guy like Amls walking out and scoring 50 off 55 or 60 balls, than someone like Glen Maxwel who will get you 20 in 10 balls.

Feb 03, 2019, 21:24


I am with you - bit am afraid Amla scoring 50 runs is becoming quite a rarity,   In two games  Amla m,ade runs the Proteas lost both matches,   Dies that help the situation at all.

Yes there are players knocking on the door - namely Markram, Malan and  even Hamza.   Besides that O would rather have Van der Dussen open the batting than Amla.     At least they are good fielders - which Amla is not anymore,  

Feb 05, 2019, 20:12


In all those matches Kallis played in only one game and his stats in that game was as follows:-

Runs made         -        50

Balls faced          -        71

Minutes played  -        90

Strike rate           -        70,42

RPO                      -       4,22

Not a house on fire – his strike rate and RPO was too low for comfort.   Nonetheless Kallis was rested with a view to the WC about 15 months away."

This is what happens when you refuse to observe the issue of context because you do not have the ability to look beyond the figures in front of you.

When you look at that particular game in its totality you would notice a few things. In principle, there are two important observations to be made, i.e

A. Kallis did indeed make 50 runs of 71 balls in 90 minutes at a strike rate of 73.42 at a rate of 4.22 runs per over.

B. Unlike what our "esteemed expert"from Riversdale would like to believe, his little series of "stats" (figures) is not the end of the argument. It, indeed, is actually the beginning of the argument.

If the series of figures is only the beginning of the argument, what then is the rest of the argument? IMO, looking at the scorecard in total, this is it:

1. Kallis came on when Graeme Smith was dismissed with the total on 20. 

2. The three batsmen before Kallis were obviously trying to force the run rate and failed to do so by only losing their wickets cheaply. Someone had to steady the ship. Kallis was the man to do that and he did just that. The fact that he was involved in three partnerships bear testament to that.

3. In addition to his batting performance, one has to remember that he also bowled eight overs in Pakistan's batting spell.

4. Kallis eventually went on to score at a rate above that of the entire SA run rate of 4.04.

5. Apart from the initial series of figures there are some other figures that needs some attention as well. Cricinfo, in their effort to evaluate a match always have their two best batsmen of the match and their two best bowlers of the match. The two best bowlers were first Dale Steyn and Pakistan's Bilawal Bhatti. The best batsmen were first Jacques Kallis and second JP Duminy.

6. In their evaluation they also calculate the batsman's control of his batting. Kallis got 90% for control and Duminy got 88%. This refers to the margin of control a batsman has over the shots that he played. 

Despite what our aforementioned "esteemed expert" thinks about Kallis' batting performance in this match, the guys at Cricinfo drastically disagrees with him, using the same stats that he has used and more. Their evaluation of the stats as well as what their observers saw, allowed them to make these remarks in their report on the match:

"South Africa's oldest and youngest players put on the team's highest partnership - 42. Kallis appeared in particularly good nick, hitting Junaid when he was too full and too short, launching Hafeez over midwicket and pulling Bhatti. He ushered de Kock through nervous periods but the left-hand batsman eventually played a lazy drive and was bowled through the gap between bat and pad"

The fact that we lost that match had nothing to do with Kallis' strike rate and run rate being "too low for comfort" . This was what ESPN Cricinfo had to say about the loss of the match:

"In hindsight, South Africa paid for the many chances they missed in the field. Despite the seamers employing tight lines and using the short ball well, it took South Africa 15.2 overs to make the first breakthrough. By then Nasir Jamshed, who was let off three times, and Ahmed Shehzad had posted 49."

Feb 06, 2019, 03:37

I'd much rather have a guy like Amls walking out and scoring 50 off 55 or 60 balls, than someone like Glen Maxwel who will get you 20 in 10 balls.

Interesting. But that is based on Amla scoring runs at a slower rate on neutral soil and under English conditions facing the Duke ball. Will he succeed in achieving the above, truth be told we don't know. What I suspect will happen is a struggling Amla under enormous pressure struggling to survive at the crease. 

Feb 06, 2019, 13:22


Meyer used the experience requirement in the 2015 RWC and the result was sub-standard,   Experience  has shown up badly when not accompanied by performance,   In ODI' there are two basic requirements from top batsman, namely -

*    to score adequate runs; subject to

*    the strike rate must be high enough  so as to give the team a chance to win games,

I am afraid that Amla  made high scores in three of the last 10 ODI's and in two of those they lost the games because deficiency in the strike rate.   Fiddling around and not having a sufficient strike rate is fatal when coming to ODI's.

Aside from his sub-standard batting performance - both with regard to runs scored and strike rate - there is serious fielding problems by Amla.   The Proteas missed eight catches in the recent ODI series against Pakistan - four of those misses were by Amla,    He is deficient fielding in the slips and even worse when it came to in other positions, since at least one of the misses were not in the slips and Amla is very slow in getting to balls.

The problem with Amla is eye-hand co-ordination coupled to slowing down to his reactions when batting and when fielding.              

Feb 07, 2019, 03:09

How on earth does Meyer get dragged Ad nauseam onto the cricket section? Your fixation with Meyer is frightening. Mike I'm not anti Amla for thr benefit of you patting yourself on the back that we have the same opinion  about Amla.

Feb 07, 2019, 06:57


Just an example that performance has been overruled by reputation,   

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