South Afroca won SriLanka series 2-0

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Jan 05, 2021, 14:26

After ;losing the previous series losing against SL when they visited in 2019 by 2-0.

So what is on the cards net?   A visit to Pakistan for -

*    a two match test series starting on 26 January 2021; and

*    three T20I's immediately thereafter

After that there is a three test series in SA against Australia starting the end of February 2021/

The near to immediate problem is the squad selection for the Pakistan tour,  Due to the coronavirus issue the team will have to leave by 13 January 2021 so we can expect the squad announcement soon,  

There is a problem in squad selection since only  few players played and succeeded in the sub-continent conditions,   The only players with extensive experience on sub-continent conditions have been involved in the IPL and those seems to be certainties in the squad:-

*    De Kock was opening batsman for the victorious Mumbai Indians for the past two years,

*    Rabada was the top bowler in the IPL in 2020

*    Nortje has been the 5th ranked bowler in the IPL and was a threat against especially the top batsmen in opposition teams like Smith and Warden.

*    Du Plessis started the IPL on a good note and then vanished from sight - with his team ending bottom of the log due to lack of controibnution by him, Dhoni and Watson.

*    Ngidi was in the same squad with Du Plessis and was basically unusable playing in only 2 of the 14 games of the franchise in the series,

*    Hendriks was onone of the squads for a few years 0 but was dropped because he was useless,]

A very short list - so who else is to be considered for the squad taking into account the sub-continent conditionsL-

1   Elgar has a spotty history playing in India and is likely to fail in that country,

2   Markram - same as Elgar

3   Van der Dussen playing spin on sub-continent pitches - a guaranteed failure

4   Bavuma failed badly in India previously/

5   Erwee. Van Tonder and Verreinne no experience on top level in India,

6   Mukller as all=rounder is likely to be good ibn Sub-continent conditions, 

The batsmen looks weak and could be problematic,   

The bowlers is also a problem - since both Ngidi and Hendriks failed in IPL  So who should be added        

It is likely that there will be three spinners  in the squad and the certainty is Maharaj with Linde and Shamsi aksi in the squad, 

That leaves four bowler positions and the question is who should it be.  I would say Sipamla and M Pretorius leaving Ngidi ans Hendriks out of contention, because of his recent record in IPL.


De Kock

Du Plessis



Van der Dussen????


Others to consider are -

*   Hamsa - did well in India before

*   Van Tonder, Verreinne, Janneman Malan

All Rounders


M Pretorius








Fast Bowlers



They are likely to limit fast bowling to three in tests and two spinners and the same apply to T20I games,

Some of the players will not fit into the  T20I format and under normal circumstances  two separate squads will be selected - but with the Covid 19 problems the squad will be bigger to cater for both formats of the game,




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