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Jan 03, 2021, 14:53

Did not know much about them but watching them in this second test just confirms what a weak side they are.

Their best looking bat is their new leg spinner Hasaranga

I see the value in Mulder, he had shown me very little in the past but he looks like a potential Philander

Medium pacer who bowls a good line and length nipping it off the seam enough to bring the edge into play. He needs to make sure he contributes more with the bat as one can see his value as a bowler. Has the talent to be a handy number 7 bat given he nearly averages 40 in first class cricket.

Apart from the first Nortje wicket there has been nothing in the pitch so the SL’s can’t even blame the wicket

It’s boring watching test cricket when one of the sides is so weak

Jan 03, 2021, 16:07

Fuck sake Markram

Jan 03, 2021, 17:30


I was very disappointed in  Markram,   He wa trying to block out the SL bowlers without any idea about scoring runs.    Am afraid he is not good enough in that tyoe of thing.   But his normal style and that made him vulnerable,

The other disappointments in the game was Ngidi - looks like he might be carrying an injury,    Was not bowled as much as Mulder and Nortje  and when he did bowl he was at best bowling medium pace deliveries.

And your hero Sipamla also bowled at an average speed of below 133 in his second spell -but he was unfortunate - he could have had a second wicket was it not for Bavuma  dropping a easy catch,   However, he still has not taken an early order batsman - but there s one clear issue - he bowled better than Ngidi.         .   

Jan 03, 2021, 17:39

He is not my hero you stupid prick I said I rated him

He got the best SL bat out in both games

As for Markram, he was doing the right thing wanting to build an innings - you don’t just attack for the sake of it as a test opener

Unfortunately he followed one that moved in an indecisive way - he just did not look in sink today and yet again has taken a backwards step in terms of resurrecting his test career

Jan 03, 2021, 17:59

No wonder Bavuma got a 50.

Jan 03, 2021, 18:14

If you don’t see the ability in Bavuma you know less about cricket than Mike does

Jan 03, 2021, 19:11

He like Elton are best at Provincial level not tests.

Sure he gets a run or two but he is not a player you can depend on at bat.

Jan 03, 2021, 19:16

OK Dave

I was just pulling your leg a bit.  Unfortunately  Sipamla did not take out the best batsman in the Srilanka innings,   The best batsman was Kusal Perera - one of Mulder's victims, 

Da Silva - whose wicket Sipamla took - is the number 8 on the batting order and a bowler - who are what we would call an all-rounder.  He may be batting at 8 because he is relatively new in the test sphere - but he is not a top order batsman,   So you are wrong again about Sipamla's record against top order batsman,  

It his pace pf circa 133 kph most top batsman will take him to the cleaners and score huge runs.   

He got most of his 29 runs when he took Ngidi to the cleaners and when facing a tired Mulder.    



Jan 03, 2021, 19:45

No Mike, Perera might have scored the most runs but he is shit

Their best bat is their leg spinner who Sipamla got out twice.

Their leg spinner is new to test cricket and SL have not worked out how good he is yet but like Ben Stokes he is going to prove to be the best bat in their side unless they have some other young bats about that are currently injured

But in this current SL side their leg spinner is their best bat but then again given your cricket knowledge I would expect you to grasp that

Jan 03, 2021, 19:45

AJ you are as cricket ignorant as you are rugby ignorant

Jan 03, 2021, 21:47

Hos ja...not...Dave outa see!

Jan 04, 2021, 01:10

"AJ you are as cricket ignorant as you are rugby ignorant"

It's never been about rugby or cricket for Arthur Farter, the fact that he knows nothing about either has been blatantly obvious from the time he landed his miserable ass on here, he's here to vent his racist spleen.......this is where he gets a favourable audience.

Jan 04, 2021, 06:49

Logic Dave - logic please.   Both  Ngidi and  Sipamla failed when they bowled against higher order batsmen. 

By the way it looks like Ngidi  may be carrying an injury problem resulting in his subpar bowling in the present test.



Jan 04, 2021, 10:27

Sri Lanka are bad as a result of their own pitch preparations. 

They rely too heavily on flat wickets with no bounce at home and then have no answer when they get tracks that cause the ball to climb off a length. Even the more gentle English pitches are too much for them. 

I'll venture a guess that the disparity between home and away batting averages for Sri Lanka is larger than any other T1 team.

Jan 04, 2021, 22:05

Coconut feeling ignored are you.


Jan 05, 2021, 00:02

Hell did De Ock look awful out there.  As did me it looks like his reflexes are slow.

Jan 05, 2021, 00:32

Moz is de Kock your PSDT and Markram your de Allende?

Clueless does stretch across codes

Jan 05, 2021, 00:34

What about Du Plessis?   After two years of damage to SA Cricket through poor personal performances -  he came up with  one very good performance and then the 6/1 factor kick in with  real force.      

Jan 05, 2021, 01:30

I'm a "YWAT" Arthur Farter? oh alright ...whatever that's suppose to be..... but at the end of the day you remain a racist pig.

Now do yourself a favour and learn from my cricket posts you ignorant TWAT.

Got that TWAT?


Jan 05, 2021, 01:32

I said prior to the commencement of the series De Kock should have refused the captaincy.

Jan 05, 2021, 01:48


He did refuse the captaincy and then he was after three days pf pressure and promises persuaded  to accept it for this series only and the Pakistan tour.   He obviously does not want the job with all the negatives attached to it such as having to captain a team with\a rapid decline in performance levels through quotas etc and he does not need the money anyway.      

Jan 05, 2021, 01:56

de Kock is a phenomenal player but not a leaders backside

Makes one question Boucher for appointing him

Jan 05, 2021, 02:11

Boucher didn't appoint him. 

Jan 05, 2021, 02:43

Who appoints the captain - does Boucher have a say in anything?

Seems highly unlikely Boucher would bend to that much dictatorship

Jan 05, 2021, 09:39

There should not be a selection committee in SAC - the one in rugby was abolished as a condition laid down by Erasmus  before accepting the post of  Director of Rugby - since such a committee invariably destroy the game by stupid selections.   

There is no clarity whether Smith and Boucher have any say in anything substantial  and Boucher seems to be quite unhappy when shown on TV at games and there is no sight of Smith at any of the games.   

So is Boucher just following orders from SAC  and not do what he thinks is best for the team?  Looks very much like that is the case.    He must be careful - his reputation will be ruined if that continues.   


Jan 05, 2021, 12:01

Rilee Rossouw...remember him?

We're now almost at a point where we can put together a better test squad with SA guys playing in the UK than we can from local talent. 

Long gone are the days where the county game helped us get rid of unwanted players like Boeta Dippenaar and Jaque Botha.

Now some of our best are there and seemingly don't want to return.

Though, I do hear that brexit will mean Saffas over there can represent SA again. Great stuff.

Jan 05, 2021, 12:09

Oh and Tante.

You call Arthur a racist while at the same time spouting support for BLM on here.

Tell you what...

There is a group here called Kids First. It's founders are self-declared naziS. Trained naziS, even. They also openly support nazI ideology. But since the groups name is Kids First and on some level they support the well-being of children...I hope you'll offer them support. 

They don't do the salute but instead use a crossed wrists sign. Please send us a picture of you making this gesture...just so we know you don't hate children.



Jan 05, 2021, 13:20


I read somewhere that the selectors had a meet with De Kock and asked him to take over the captaincy of the test side. The report stated that he wasn't interested, the selection committee then asked him to be the temporary captain for the Sri Lankan series. I'm not sure whether Bouch was part of that meet but what is clear is that the appointment wasn't solely made by Boucher.

Jan 05, 2021, 14:01

Ok cool I know he does not want the captaincy and it’s a temporary thing.

I guess their problem is that there are too many old players in the side so no point in giving one of them the captaincy and none of the bowlers are leaders

The only real candidate is Markram but he is back having to prove himself as a player so captaincy is not a consideration yet

Thankfully he averaged 60 odd in this series, which will help with his comeback. He is too talented not to make it back

Jan 05, 2021, 14:04


Rillee Rossouw is pure class. Many said he was our next best after AB in terms of pure talent

Should have been playing test cricket for us years ago, long before the likes of Faf and Bavuma got selected

Unfortunately he is now 30ish and therefore the ship has sailed on him

Real waste of a talent

Jan 05, 2021, 22:02

to add to the captaincy discussion...

Selectors didnt want to give it to de Kock due to pressures of keeping, batting and captaining in white ball cricket.

but the other candidates have had a shit time of it and were no longer certainties. guys like elgar, markram and bavuma were not certainties in the starting eleven.... so the selectors dfid ther right thing and asked QDK to help out for a little while, while the other blokes put a few runs on the board and got some form back.

Jan 06, 2021, 23:09

De Ock still hasn’t fixed his high hands, bat away from the body technique. So with his eye and timing he will continue to slaughter ordinary bowling. But put him against a moving ball and he will disappoint.

His average isn’t below 40 because he bats 7, it’s because he fails under stress. His average against top bowlers is less than 20 I’d guess. A kind of Roy McClean without Roy’s clean technique.

His keeping has improved though and one of those Sri Lanka catches was brilliant. Can he keep standing up though? In the past that hasn’t been too swift. But overall I think his keeping is now adequate and he can play a roll as a down the order attacking bat.

Jan 06, 2021, 23:09

De Ock still hasn’t fixed his high hands, bat away from the body technique. So with his eye and timing he will continue to slaughter ordinary bowling. But put him against a moving ball and he will disappoint.

His average isn’t below 40 because he bats 7, it’s because he fails under stress. His average against top bowlers is less than 20 I’d guess. A kind of Roy McClean without Roy’s clean technique.

His keeping has improved though and one of those Sri Lanka catches was brilliant. Can he keep standing up though? In the past that hasn’t been too swift. But overall I think his keeping is now adequate and he can play a role as a down the order attacking bat.

Jan 06, 2021, 23:24

No Moz his technique against the best bowlers in the game have long served him well

The reason he gets out is that he lacks the resolve to knuckle down. He is compelled to attack and dominate the bowlers

Of course batting mostly with the tail will reduce his average - that’s obvious

No bat, batting at 6 or 7 averages over 40 over a sustained period of time.

Boucher was a good bat as was Dave Richardson - look at their test averages. Boucher 30, Richardson 24

de Kock is a much better bat than both of them

Jan 07, 2021, 04:53

"......his technique against the best bowlers in the game have long served him well"

Without a doubt. He has tapered his technique to his style of play which works for him. He has a variety of strokes, cuts, pulls, hooks, plays straight, to all parts of the ground. There's a whole lot to like about his style of play, never dull instead it's highly entertaining and in full drive he's up there with 360.

De Kock would waltz into any national side, no, what I mean to say is that he could comfortably place in any of the top 5 sides in the world.

Jan 07, 2021, 06:51

So who does Mozart hate in rugby?  Top of the list is Erasmus as coach - his heroes are Meyer and Coetzee, whom in their stints as Springbok coach he praised and never criticized.

That is followed  by Du Toit, De Allende, De Jager, Malherbe, Marx. Kitshof  and Kolisi.    He now pretends to be a Pollard supporter - but he wanted Morne back at flyhalf and afterwards Frans Steyn at flyhalf.    

As to cricket he hates De Kock and Markram with a vengeance and he has yet not accepted that  there should be any team renewal in the cricket team.   Please note that he only attacked one player in the team in the 2019 team in the disastrous WC campaign and that was De Kock - the real poor players like Amla and Dale Steyn were for him the heroes in the campaign and the reason for the string of losses  were De Kock.   After two years of continuous poor scores with  only a rare success in batting by both Elgar and Du Plessis - De Kock is still the target for attack by Mozart.   

His initial attack on De Kock was that he could not play real fast bowlers - then that he could not play  spin bowling and more recently that he was not a wicketkeepers backside and suggested that he should be replaced by Klaasen as wicketkeeper,   Since 2013 he has never stopped attacking De Kock and what he writes now is nothing new.       

Amazing - but true.        

Jan 07, 2021, 06:51


Jan 07, 2021, 13:57

Yep Denny he is our only world class bat at the moment. By some distance the best wicket keeper/ bat in the game right now

Markram has the talent to be up there but not there yet

Jan 07, 2021, 19:55


You mentioned Rilee Rossouw in one of your above contributions.  Rossouw was also a Kolpak player and is now playing in th Big Bash for one of the  Melbourne teams,   I tried to see how he is doing, but was out in two games for 3 runs and 8 runs respectively 

According to the report on the return of Abbott and his signing with the Titans  the English clubs kicked out a lot of  Kolpak signees because of Kolpak not applying to the UK since the departure from the EU, 

The self-serving buggers signed  the players for the simple reason  that  the Clubs could refuse to release foreign players if they are selected for international games by their country of origin - especially damaging SA teams.

I would not be surprised if Rossouw is one of the players they booted out.   The only player that I think could still challenge for nationals election is Olivier - the others are past it,             

Jan 07, 2021, 21:47

Abbott is a has been

I’d rather see Rillee in the side than Faf or Rassie

But it’s too late for him now

Even Olivier is not going to get in ahead of Nortje now

Jan 08, 2021, 09:58


Mozart did not contribute to anything on this site other than to do his normal and and attack De Kock as a player.  I am afraid that all of Rossouw, Abbott and Olivier will now be his prime candidates for inclusion in the team - they have reputation on their side amd are of the age of players he supports in both rugby and cricket,  

There is something I have worked out in cricket. - which  I call the 6:1 factor.   It is relatively simple and applies when players out of 7 innings batted  have 6 or in some cases 5 poor scores they become candidates to be included in  that category,   Since 2019 both Du Plessis and Elgar firmly established themselves in that category,

It mostly happen to elderly players passed their sell-bye dates  and the latest retired player who was clearly was a firm 6:1 player was Amla.   Another example of the 6:1 factor at play is Du Plessis,  After a string of sub-standard performances in alkl formats of cricket since 2019  in the first innings of his latest test he made 199 runs - in the second innings of that test ge was back to his normal sub-standard scores.

I am afraid that it is time for Du Plessis and Elgar to retire in a blaze of glory before they damage their reputations  further,                    

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