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Jan 03, 2021, 09:53

Dave will be delighted - his new perfect hero who does not need coaching is retained in the team and there is no changes in the team,   

Rather stupid I would say.  SA is touring Pakistan soon and thereafter there are three tests against Australia,   There are no back-up batsmen with any test experience and the chances are that there will be some serious flops or injuries with no replacement possibilities with even one test experience.

There is also the dreaded 6:1 problem.   After near to two years of continuous batting flops Elgar and Du Plessis  made good scores in the first test,   If their trend of the past two years is borne in mind the mnext six tests would be a return to their flops will be inevitable.     

However, what else can be expected from SAC - any foresight and planning is totally missing.   ,   


Jan 03, 2021, 12:50

SA is bowling - so here are the bowling analysis of the bowlers used with the SL score on 157  all out:-

Ngidi     -    44/0            -    10 overs

Ngidi bowled two spells.  In the first spell  the SL batters scored no runs,  His average bowling speed  in that spell was 130 kph - with the batters forced to play only three times and all three balls were bowled at 127 kph,

In the second spell he bowled 4 overs and tried to up the pace he was bowling at.   He was unlucky since Elgar missed a catch  in the slips - but he gave away 24 runs with his average bowling speed being 133 kps

In the third session he bowled 4 overs and went for 20 runs.   He bowled all balls at a speed of between  127 and 132 kph and was then replaced by Sipamla,  

He was on the whole very toothless,

Nortje       -    56/6         -     14.3 overs

 Nortje was more effective in forcing the batsmen  to play at balls he bowled at an average pace of 142 kms.   In a few cases he bowled too short or too full leading to 4s being hit

Notje was very accurate in the session after lunch during which he took 3 further wickets,   .

However,  the batsmen was forced much more often to try and play the balls 

Sipamla       -    27/1          -     6 overs

Sipamla was much more  accurate in bowling than he was in the first test, but his bowling speed varied considerably,    He was bowling at a pace between 127 and  137 kph  - with the more effective balls - where the batsmen found it difficult to  contend with was at a speed below  130 kph.   Where he gave away most runs were when he tried to bowl faster. 

He was more effective in the three overs he bowled after lunch and in three overs bowled at between 127 and 133 kph he just gave away 2 runs and took a wicket.  

Still does not take top order batsmen,

Mulder       -    32/3            -   9 overs

What can one add - 3 overs bowled and taking 3 wickets giving away only 1 run.   Mulkder bowled at between 122 nd 130 kph - his average speed being  127 kph,

His accuracy is amazing and he is extremely difficult for the batsmen to contend with,

After lunch he bowled another 6 overs in a row - but he in the end got tired and obviously got tired and gave away a number of boundaries,  


Other than Nortje and Rabada - have SA any fast bowlers left?


Jan 03, 2021, 14:57

It is now tea time with SA at 22/0 - the SL bowlers bowled a number of short balls and all  5 opf them at Elgar,   Result 4 fours being hit by Elgar from those.,   Real poor bowling in evidence,  

Score at teatime -

Elgar        -    19 from 19 balls faced

Markram  -   3 from 11 balls face


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