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Jan 07, 2020, 18:07

How much fun was that!. There were moments when the Proteas looked like they could pull it off. Faf and Quintie lost the plot, but the rest of the batsmen were dogged.

Outrageous field settings.....batsmen ignoring runs to cover specific bowlers....great bowling on a flat pitch by Stokes .....wonderful catches....stupid reviews. This game made the case for traditional test cricket in a way words can't.

A word about de Kock. He was heavily criticized by the commentators for a silly shot. But that's who he is....the modern day Roy Mclean.....effortless when he is scororing, but a bit of a buffoon when he gives his wicket away. We should be content with what we get....this wasn't his kind of rodeo.

But I'll remember this test for those field settings. Eight fielders within 5 metres of the bat......great stuff. And we are still playing cricket at Newlands, something to savour.

Jan 07, 2020, 18:16

Nice to see de Kock able to play within himself

Jan 08, 2020, 14:30

That shot De Kock played was on a long hop and nothing else.   It was such a weak-bowled ball he thought he could hit out at it,    Huge mistake - but less so than the ball Faf went out on.   That one was really a balls-up,   Why comment on De Kock and not on Faf?  


Jan 08, 2020, 17:18

'Faf and Quintie lost the plot'......seems like I did comment on Faf. And my elaboration on die Ock was actually in defence of the criticism he received from the commentators.

Always fair and balanced, stick with moz.

Jan 08, 2020, 18:02

Mentioned Faf - but a long story on De Kock.     

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