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The likely squad for the Cricket World Cup 2019

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Jan 13, 2019, 08:09

Based on performance the squad of 15 players is likely to be the following:-


Rabada, Ngidi, Steyn, Nortje, Olicier, Maharaj

Wicket keepers

De Kock, Makwetu


Markram, Du Plessis, Miller, Hamza, Hendricks, Klaasen, Van der Dussen

I deliberate left out Amla - his recent strike rate in shortened version of the game was poor the last year and he is unlikely to succeed in the WC.  The problem is that it would not meet the quota requirements - but Bavuma is not a shortened version batsman, but he is likely to be ahead of van der Dussen from that perspective.

Insofar as the bowlers are concerned the following:-

It is obviously  that the situation against Pakistan is as follows:-

Steyn              -         10

Philander        -           5

Rabada           -          14

Olivier           -           21

From the WC perspective there is another bowler - which Steyn stated that he regards as his successor as a fast bowler and that is Anrich Nortje.   Kallis caused him to be contracted by Kolkatta for the IPL - he was a member of the Kolkatta Committee at the player auction,   Most members probably never saw him bowling before, because he had an injury - which kept him out of cricket for a year and he then decided to play only club cricket while he completed his B-Com and Honours degree, before starting to play professional cricket again at 23 years of age.   He regularly bowl at a pace of 150+.  Ever heard of him?   He got injured in the Mzanzi comp and is out till February,  Is likely to get into the WC squad as well depending on his performance at the IPL

Steyn said we have the best bowlers in world cricket at this stage - and he includes Philander, whom at present is a medium pacer bowling at 130 or below, but very accurate.   Looking only at fast bowlers we have the following:-

Steyn, Rabada, Ngidi, Olivier and Nortje

It is quite likely that all five of the latter will be in the WC squad later this year,    .                    .             

What do you think about the above potential squad? 

Jan 13, 2019, 08:16

Your squad lacks an Allrounder, I would drop Klaasen for Philander. Foolookquela is the next best option but after many opportunities he doesn't make the cut.

Jan 13, 2019, 09:35

I have considered the all-rounder issue and am not sure of any player that really qualifies for that spot.   Maybe Philander, but whether he would make the batting requirement is uncertain.

Hamza is not an out-and-out all rounder, but quite a good leg spinner and Markram has bowled in some ODI's already,      

Jan 14, 2019, 16:09

The problem is that we have to look at Philander as well.   In the past series his wicket-taking was below par. 

Of the 59 wickets taken the following players made hay:-

Olivier       24

Rabada       16

Steyn           12

Philander       7

Problem is that Philander speed is now down to between 120 and 130 and despite his accuracy opposing batsman scored easy runs when he is bowling,    Maybe it is time to say thanks for the memories - you were wonderful in the past, but don't spoil your reputation by continuing as a bowler for SA

Besides that we have real fast bowlers like Nortje and Ngidi waiting in the wings,

Jan 14, 2019, 20:45

Horrible squad....AB needs to come back.

Jan 14, 2019, 20:53

Horrible squad - then suggest who you want in the squad!!

AB is a wise guy - he realized that he does not want to ruin his reputation by staying on.   

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