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Dec 30, 2021, 12:55

One has to expect when a team made less less than 200 runs in each of the two innings there is a major problem with the batting line-up.     The fact is that the line-up does not represent the best batsmen in SA.   So lets go through the line-up and see how the batsmen did"-

Elgar                        1 and 77    =    78   - average    39

Markram                  13 and 1    -     14   -                  7

Petersen                  15 and 17  -      32  -                  16

Van der Dussen          3 and 11  -     14                        7

Bavuma                    52 and 34       86                      43

De Kock                    31  and 24      55                      27,5

A batting line-up with the fact that only 3 of the six players have a total above  25 runs - the other three was very poor.

In general Markram has batted well the last few series and that was definitely not the case in this test.  Van der Dussen has been iffy in the recent tests and his batting is not all that solid.   Petersen should never be in the team

One failure out of 6 is a problem - 3 failures out of 6 is a disaster.   

The bowling was purtid on the first day with fast bowlers bowling the pace of medium fast bowlers  - not one had an average bowling speed above 137 kph.   This continued in the second innings - but the pitch helped the bowlers in the second innings and the figures on the whole did not look particularly well - what is worrying is that  the bowlers bowl at speed that is insufficient and do not seem to improve that deficiency.   


Dec 30, 2021, 13:30

Mike, the bowlers started slow but limited the total to 500.

No batting team would not accept chasing down 500 over two innings.

Dec 30, 2021, 19:30

The commentators finally called out Ock for his feckless play when tests are in the balance. If he had shown the spine Buvuma had it could have been a match.

No he’s not the most culpable technically. But once again he lets the side down.

Dec 30, 2021, 21:34

Our batting side is just super shit

I can’t say the Indians have a single bowler who looks particularly threatening which makes our batting situation that much worse

As much as I like Markram I am getting sick of waiting for him to push on and start looking like a bat that averages 50

Petersen is a complete waste of time as is Rassie as a test bat.

Elgar at 34 is a waste of time

Mulder has had more than enough opportunities to make an impression as a bat but just keeps failing

I’m fast getting to the point where I can’t bring myself to watch this piss poor team anymore - summed up by Rabada bowling 135kph on average

Dec 31, 2021, 02:46


You do not realize that De Kock is not interested n playing for arseholes anymore.   He has given up on them and it shows in his attitude towards the game.    Why are you so bloody useless in comments - the flops by  Rassie and a score of others are farcical and ignored by you.

Let me put it this way - Springbok Rugby was a farce when Erasmus took over as a coach  with the morale being in the pits.   He ensured a recovery by the team by building up the team spirit os players     There is none of it in evidence at present..   

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