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Jan 25, 2020, 14:57

So here we have a case that England had 318/9 and the idiocy took over at top speed.  Du Plessis effectively only have one strike bowler and one cheap bowler at his disposal.

So what did he do - he brought on Patterson and Hendricks and the 6's and 4's start coming at jet speed.  That ended the saga at 400 all out,    Wood and Broad made 82 runs from 50 balls,  

This is just not acceptable anymore.   Time to get a new captain - sad to see how the team went into decline in the last few tests.      

Jan 25, 2020, 15:54

Ja Maaik. I'm a Faf fan, but ATM he's destroying his legacy. Nothing seems to be going his fact everything seems to go against him. Even the toss is going against him at stupendous odds. 

Jan 25, 2020, 16:07

Watch how he tosses the coin,   Everyone I have seen - even kiddies -  let the toss go up spinning in the air and it goes higher than the hand is.   In the case of Du Plessis the coin left his had and there is no spinning in the air,  In  the case where the coin say heads up leave his hand it will invariably ends heads up - if tails up it will land tails up.

The opposing captains know exactly what is happening and they invariably make the correct call.

As to that bowling decision and the bowling of Hendriks and Patterson was severely criticized by the commentators,  If there is one thing clear.  Those two should never again in any SA side in future,   The under 19's bowl better than those two bar club players,    

Smith and Boucher must be crying in their sleep in the inevitable nightmares they will have.  Time to get rid of the selection committee as well.              

Jan 25, 2020, 16:07


Jan 25, 2020, 16:40

Malan made 15 runs from 63 balls.  that is less than 1,5 runs per over.  I believe that standing around blocking inevitably leads to a low score, because it is inevitable that sooner rather than later you will be out without adequate runs,   Another strong candidate for dropping from the squad,   

Van der Dussen out for a duck from 7 balls.  Early retirement called for.   

Elgar is out 26 runs from 64 balls,  Another candidate for early retirement.  Clean up time is near.    

Jan 25, 2020, 19:22

So the score is 88/6 32 of which were scored by De Kock,  

Faf  was out for 3 runs after facing 29 balls.  

Nortje scored double that number as a night watchman

Bavuma scored 6 runs after facing 28 balls. 

Now lets get this straight - the Japan Under 19 cricket team would have done better that that lot.  It must by now be absolutely clear that the whole team structure is deficient - that it is in fact a disgrace to call them  the SA test  cricket team,

There has been only two players out of the 11 players who deserve in that team and those s in fact are De Kock  and Nortje,   The rest should be out and Smith and Boucher should be instructed to start a rebuilding programme of a new Proteas team,   

For heavens sake  the SA invitational team made more runs against the same English bowlers that the present clowns managed,   So did the SA 'A team,   WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?    .   

Jan 25, 2020, 19:34

Well, this is addressed to all the folks who welcomed Bavuma back into the side for another GALANT batting display.

True to form he did not deliver.

Ever wonder why.

Denny summed it up in another posting I would refer you guys to that posting as I for one supported his version 100%.

Jan 25, 2020, 19:36

So lets put a team together which will not be 88/6 in future,

1   Janneman  Malan

2   Markram/Breetzke/Ackerman 

3   Van Tonder

4   Verreyne

5   Hamza

6   De Kock

7   Phehlukwayo

8   Maharaj

9   Rabada

10  Sipamla/Ngidi 

11  Nortje 

There are other players as well that could  be considered   U believe a set of trials should be held and the better players identified,   Tat should n followed by an intensive training progam,   Perhaps they should ask Erasmus for advice as to the way forward,       

Jan 25, 2020, 19:43

I agree with Denny on Bavuma  anyway,

Jan 25, 2020, 19:43

Please make suggestions for the way forward.

Jan 25, 2020, 22:19

"....sad to see how the team went into decline in the last few tests."

And it's all Faf's fault Huh? Even the way he flips the coin is wrong Huh? Funny, last year he couldn't lose one!

As expected the blame game has started and it's Faf's fault. 

Man you're a laugh, sometimes you're too opinionated for your own good.

Jan 26, 2020, 03:45

Faf was extremely unlucky today with that umpire’s call shaving the top of the stumps. They should revert to the tennis rule, each team has renewable challenges...but if it hits the wickets it’s a dismissal.

Faf would still have been out today, but at least he wouldn’t be left regretting the marginal umpire’s call. All this Umpire’s call/soft call stuff is unnecessarily complex.

As for the captaincy issue, I suppose Faf could  have switched things up a bit better, but is it his fault  when two of his specialist bowlers can’t dismiss the number 11 batsman,

Jan 26, 2020, 08:28

The excuses are flowing thick and fast,   I am afraid the stage has been reached where excuses are just  not good enough,   A captain is there to decide on who should be used for bowling,   Faf picked two of the worst bowlers ever to be in any test team to bowl.  When the last wicket has to be taken it is routinely the best bowlers available to take out the batsmen quickly - not two duds who gave away 82 runs from 50 balls.  

When a players stands around blocking and NOT trying to score runs the result is inevitable - they  would be out without enough runs being scored.    De Kock faced 44 balls to score 32 runs - so was the  English bowling so strong  that reasonably runs could not be scored against them?   
This is not the first test where the wheels came off - it is the sixth test it happened.   So wait for the media to get into the act.   The solution should start at the top of SA Cricket, since patching up deficiencies is not any good anymore.   They brought on board Smith, Boucher and  Kallis to help and they could do NOTHING to stop the rot.  The three will inevitably be blamed for what went wrong, 

Cricket has been going bad since the loss of a local test series against Bangladesh and then a disaster at the WC,  The shambles in India was worst - the present disaster the worst performance of any cricket team I have ever seen representing SA  in a local series,  

When Rugby was going the same way since 2008 SARU after 10 years of chaos panicked and went to plead with Erasmus - the first real rugby brain to coach an SA team for many years - to come and save rugby in SA.   He put his terms based on professional rugby issues on the table and in panic those were met by SA Rugby,   

SA Cricket is on par with what happened  in the last decade in rugby,  In the case of rugby and cricket it had to do with amateurs trying to run professional games.    If you then get a disaster what should be done?   Get rid of the amateurs and replace them on all levels,   In rugby for years it was nurtured by one poor coach after another.   De Villiers was shit - Meyer was worse (the Stade Francais episode proved that)  and Coetzee as the worst of the three,   So fix the problem there and things will improve.

So what is to be done to save cricket in SA.  In the first instance the rot starts at the top.  Get rid of the money-grabbing and corrupt board.   Put an emergency board of cricket professionals who are not agents of the ANC in place,    Then get rid of the so-called selection committee for a start,   In all get rid of the jobs for pals system emphasized by everything from the top down. 

I think the donors must say - this is the end,   The only major remaining ones are Momentum  and KFC - Standard Bank already fled in panic from the corruption that took over in SA Cricket,  So lets start at the top:-

*    Appoint an Emergency SA Cricket Board with only professional test cricket players serving on the Board and the Chairman being a test cricketer like Wessels  and consisting of ex-test players.

*     Add to the Board representatives of the sponsors to deal with the administration of the finances specifically.

*     Sack the selection committee and let the Director of Cricket and the coaching set-up select players.

*     Whereas there really has been a system developing for many years where players became permanent members of the team and renewal was ignored, start looking seriously at what should be done to identify a new generation of players - not a generation of elderly players.

How can you get to that stage.   Amongst the batsmen you have in the present team only one real batsman left and that is De Kock.  Markram and Hamza fell down  partly because of other factors - but they are young enough to recover from the present mess. which I believe has to do partly with the team spirit in the team.  So start shifting through the 19 to 25 year olds and see who are the best batmen with longer term career possibilities.   

As to the bowlers there are at least a number of quality bowlers available - players like Rabada and Nortje and add to those players like Sipamla and Maharaj,   There are others like Ngidi and some of the up and coming youngsters like Coetzee.

Start with a program of training camps on the basis that Erasmus did and let the pretenders go out asap.   In 2018 Erasmus had a number if tests where experimental players were used - by 2019 most of those fell by the wayside and the core of the WC squad became clear - do the same in cricket.         .      



   .    .                    



Jan 27, 2020, 00:05

Mike you just don't get it.....let me ask you this, Smartarse...

Ever wonder what it's like to Captain a side with 1 decent batsman and one decent bowler?

Jan 27, 2020, 00:16

Must be hell on earth if you are one if the failing batsmen.'  

Jan 27, 2020, 17:13

Go on your knees SA Cricket and get AB back into the team. He is NOT too old.

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