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Nov 07, 2022, 17:24

‘One of the biggest upsets in world sports for a long time’ says the commentator. How did it happen. It’s an odd one because Parnell aside nobody totally failed with the bat. De Kock went early throwing his hands at the ball, Markram and Rossouw never kicked on, Miller never fired…he was scoring at a run a ball. So it was a collective failure.

But the big error on this pitch was to bowl. On a pitch that would have allowed for a low total….go for the jugular and bowl. But this pitch was benign and only Nortje’s real pace through the air troubled the Dutch….and man was the bowling of the Ngidi, Parnell, Rabada threesome toothless.

So the Dutch put up a biggish total which meant pressure. We folded. With the Proteas given their history pressure is the killer. We were far more likely to bowl for a win than bat for a win if the scores were high.

One wonders about some of these players going forward….Rabada seems a shadow of his earlier self, Bavuma should go and if we persist with de Kock bring him in at 5 or 6.

But already this generation which succeeded the AB/Dale generation looks past it’s sell by date.

Nov 08, 2022, 14:13

When you look at what goes into winning one of these, it's not too difficult to spot the culprit.

Think about teams like India, England, Oz and Nz. They've all got talent, just like we do.

The difference is that their systems are also 100% geared toward their teams being successful. 

There aren't any other agendas involved. Players have or don't have backing based on form and talent, nothing else(boozy awols aside).

From the body that runs the game in their countries, to the franchises and everybody else involved in the success of those franchises and international teams...they're all part of a system that is fully geared toward teams succeeding. They have no other agenda. That is what we're competing against.

We have talent...but it's the rest that's missing.

Our national coach was recently dragged in front of a committee that resembles the most closely something from the  Nuremberg trials...and basically for calling someone a "brown-shit". Coaches, players and staff at franchise and national levels are selected based on BEE credentials. The system(ANC) that pushes all of this is rotten to the core and in no way actually supports the nurturing of talent from grass-roots level.

We're operating on a shoestring budget in a climate of racist policies and against a backdrop of mass corruption, against nations with vastly more player, financial and MORAL  resources.

Thinking that we can actually compete is almost crazy. 

The mere fact that we're still a force on the international stage is a testament to the parents that raise our Boks and Proteas. They're the heroes...NOBODY else. 

Nov 08, 2022, 17:06

One wonders what the Proteas would be like in a supportive environment. But the reality is a kind of conditional probability….given it’s a cesspool what are the odds the team can perform. 

And it cuts both ways, while players like Nortje struggled to make the team initially, somebody like Rabada is fading because in reality there is no competition…..he is golden.

Our rugby guys have somehow managed it better….but we still never field our best team. And once Harrassmiss goes and we get the inevitable quota coach, there are no guarantees.

Nov 09, 2022, 08:47

My nephew is 12 now and representing NW at both cricket and Golf.

I’m really astounded to see the commitment it takes from parents to raise kids that start playing sport at a high level early on. One can easily see how these kids would get nowhere if they relied on government or schools to progress.

What angers me to no extent is to see some of the kids arriving in Range rovers with mommy blinged to the nines, and knowing they’ll receive the benefit of quota selections…even though their parents are far wealthier than the parents of kids arriving in old bakkies and beat up sedans.

BEE and quotas will never end because the ANC and the ruling class in SA aren’t able to create success. Meaning they’ll forever need to use apartheid as an excuse if apartheid is the excuse then there is no reason to end quotas or BEE.

What needs to happen is for the international sporting bodies to begin banning South Africa from competing.

Nov 11, 2022, 17:14

What is the common denominator for all the failures on the African continent?

We all know the answer yet we accept it and continue in many ways to support it at our own peril.

Thankful that we did not.

Nov 11, 2022, 18:57

My kids and grandkids are thankful….I think I personally would have had a great life in South Africa. The Cape is still in the marrow of my bones.

Nov 23, 2022, 22:19

Agree with you mozart.

Many folks from our generation are spread across the world but they still and will always have fond memories of RSA as it is in their blood.

We also would have had a great life in RSA.

But it was not about my wife and myself it was for our children and their children's future that we made the move.

With what I experienced during my service and then business dealings with the police and defence departments it only made me fear more for the future of RSA.

It was just a matter of time.

When the family visits and I hold one of my great-grandsons in my arms and he smiles at me I know that we did what was right for our family.

All I can say is that we are thankful that we made the move and to all those folks who remained in RSA we salute you.

Nov 24, 2022, 18:27

Well said Arthur….you have captured the conflict we all experience. I think other immigrants share this, but there is something sadder when the country you leave declines so much. I also salute those who identified with Africa and stayed…thank heavens some did,  to keep essential skills available.

Nov 24, 2022, 19:39

You'd be surprised Plum. England, and other "white" countries are going the way of identity politics and doing so to their detriment. 

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