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Jun 27, 2019, 11:10

have really brought excitement to what otherwise has been a dull CWC and with tonite's game between India and the Windies we could possibly have a third. My eyes and body is suffering having to sit through long hours of the night to watch a wonderful showcase of superb cricket. 

Well done Pakistan......just when it's least expected it they pop up just to let you know that they're still around. New Zealand is a good side and I'm not sure where they went wrong in a game that could easily have swung their way. If anything the Kiwi captain erred in batting first, the wicket noticeably flattened out in the second innings. This CWC tournament remains wide open. 

But what can we expect tonite, the Windies up against hot favourites India. Are the Windies going to turn to short pitched deliveries and how will the Indian top order cope with it on a lively wicket......well I'm not sure it will be lively I'm merely guessing. Are we in for another surprise result?

Go the Windies!

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