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Feb 29, 2020, 21:47

Klaasen finally showed the Proteas what a match winning innings looks like. He did the whole job, not half the job. A rock!  Verreyne looked very vulnerable in the first ten or so balls, but batted nicely afterwards. Miller contributed for once. Malan did go for a duck, but it was  a wicked ball from Starc. How does he get so much  late swing!

I hope Ock has learned his lesson about batting last when the team is fragile. 

Mar 01, 2020, 01:40

Amazing - did you watch the game at all?  

Mar 01, 2020, 02:00

What amazes you....try to stop wanking and be specific.

Mar 01, 2020, 02:50

Your comments on Verreynne in the first instance - the first major partnership in the game was between Verreynne and Klaasen.   When they got to 50 in the Partnership Verreynne made 32 and Klaasen 18 of the runs.   So Klaasen struggled initially as well.

Secondly - when in a T20I game when Du Plessis failed miserably in batting you raved about a catch made by him.    In the game today Verreynne made 3 catches - 2 of which were better or on par with the catch made by Du Plessis.   Not a word of those two catches,     

No mention about the bowling and fielding either - in the last 25 overs of the Aussie batting they manage to hit only 4 fours,   In his 76 runs scored by Smith there were only 3 fours and in the 41 runs scored by Labuschagne there were only 2 both of which was hit  by him as the second and third balls he faced,   This has much to do with the quality of the bowling and the fielding and the field placings and bowling changes were excellent as well,      

The team as a whole functioned better than any of the teams in the previous 18 months did in ODI's,   Incidentally the previous team combination beat Australia in the WC as well.  But they won  I believe from memory by 4 runs,  In the game today they beat Australia by 74 runs.

Get the message - dimness? 


Mar 01, 2020, 07:01

Personally I don’t think he made the catch to dismiss Smith.... the ball doesn’t bounce as sharply off a finger. That ball hit the deck. But even if he caught it, Faf’s catch involved a much longer run and dive...not simply a dive forward. 

Stick with moz.

Mar 01, 2020, 07:08

What you personally think is of zero worth - what actually happened is different from what you prefer to have happened.   BS as per normal.     The second catch involved as long  run as what happened in the Du Plessis catch,   Anyway Verreinne did not bugger up in batting like Du Plessis did. 

You entirely missed the plot again - the catch referred to the TV monitor was the one of Warner - not Smith.   Smith was out LBW and obviously no catch was involved,     

Mar 01, 2020, 07:51

No he didn’t bugger and I’m glad you think his innings was a great success ....he scored 48 which is almost exactly Faf’s average for 135 ODI innings, so all he has to do to be like Faf is to repeat today’s success 134 more times.

Game, set and match!

Mar 01, 2020, 10:20

OK - when the performance of Faf in the T20I was discussed you were raving about his catch - not about his batting performance which in that game was atrocious.   That was the point I raised when it came to the catches made by Verreynne.  

Anyway the guy is 22 years old and he improved on every batting record set by Kallis on school level and is also way above the strike rate in batting of Kallis subsequently, so he is likely to be better than Du Plessis ever was.    Nobody would ever dispute the fact that  in his day Faf was a great batsman for SA,  but unfortunately that is past history and  he is not going to be successful in future,  

This was Verreynne's  his first game as a Protea player  and despite initial nerves he succeeded and he is likely to be better or as good as uany of the players you always praised.   

The Indian series are coming up and his name will be first on the batsman list together with De Kock, Van der Dussen, Klaasen and Miller - that leaves a position for opening batsman  open and that could go to Bavuma.   The question remains where will Faf fit into that situation?.  Probably nowhere,                   

Mar 01, 2020, 18:08

And that was all I said: ‘ Verreyne looked very vulnerable in the first ten or so balls, but batted nicely afterwards.’ 

You  can extrapolate that to being better than Kallis or Faf if you like. I’d like to see some more.

Time will tell. But he is technically much sounder than de Ock.

Mar 01, 2020, 19:39

I have been following Verreynne's career for a while and he should have been in the squad and we would have gone through the semis and not ended up 7th  in the series.   To much dependence on players who are over the hill cost us dearly when the chips were down especially those that could only have a 64 strike rate in batting and others who failed miserably,

As to Du Plessis he is sticking around to go to the T20 WC in Australia in October,  Like Kallis in 2015 who failed repeatedly to impress and then withdrew from selection for he ODI WC that year I think that Faf would be in the same boat/   He may himself decide to retire and not spoil his reputation further,   .       


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