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Jan 01, 2020, 13:10

Looks like they just want their moment in the sun. 

Equality of outcome is a priority, as it always is for those that know they're inferior, less worthy and just generally not deserving. Their thoughts, not mine.

After all this time, still no consistent flow of swart batsmen. Bavuma still the only SA black with test hundred.

Despite all the big schools,clubs and universities offering the game and it it indeed being played by hundreds if thousands of blacks.

At what point do the sgon-giN admit their shortcut, just like every other "fix" they attempt, is an abject failure.

Jan 01, 2020, 14:57


What would be interesting is the upcoming Under 19 CWC  starting in SA on 17 January 2020.  That is where will see what Juniors are coming through and who should be eyed as future batsmen. 

There may be a problem - years ago I was stated that Afrucans may have a perception problem and it related to hand-eye co-ordination.   I m not sure why that is true - but if it is indeed   the case in general - it may take years for young batsmen from that community coming through as batsmen.   

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