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Jan 19, 2021, 21:39

Here is the squad and please do not die laughing at the total stupidity of the selectors:-

Heinrich Klaasen (Captain), Nandre Burger, Okuhle Cele, Junior Dala, Bjorn Fortuin, Reeza Hendriks, George Linde, Janneman Malan, David Miller, Andile Phehlukwayo, Dwaine Pretorius, Ryan Rickleton, Tabraiz Shamnsi,Lutho Sipanla, Jacques Snyman, Glenton Stuurman, Jon-Jon Smuts, Pite van Biljon.

None of the above performed well in the Momentum Cup.  Anyweay what are the new players:-

Nandre Burger 25 - a bowler with a reorcd of 29 ganes plaed and taking 35 wickets

Okuh;e Cele     23 -  played on 4 games and was a disaster as a batsmen and worse as a bowler

Bjorn Fortuin    26 -  Cannot bat and his record as a bowler is as bad as Burger

Ryan Rickleton  24 -  A promising young batsman - but not on par with Roelofson

Jacques Snyman 26  - Not really a surprise selection - basicallya batsman who spin bowls  well.     

Glenton Stuurman 28 - awefully poor bowler.  

That is the summary of the new players.   Other than Rickleton the others are poor club players,  And the only other real prospect for future development is Rickellton and perhaps Snyman,    

When will they ever learn - I suppose never.    

Jan 20, 2021, 12:01

An analysis of all the players in the  T20I squad  is clearly indicative of the short-sighted idiocy of  the selectors:-

Heinrich Klaasen  -  29  Years old

This is a captain whose last captaincy was  in  the Mzanzi series  in a tournament that never took place.    He subsequently played for the  Durban Heat team – but was not the captain of that side,        

Klaasen had the following record when playing for the Proteas:-


*     Played in  1 test  and made 11 runs in 2 innings batted


*      Played in 17 ODI’s and batted in 16.   In one game  he was 123 not out and he made 2 Fifties as well.   He has an average of 40.1 in ODI’s because of the one ODI,   In the other 15 games he has managed to get an average of 25.8 – inclusive of the 2 fifties he made.    That shows a rather poor batting record in 13 of the  15 ODI’s he played in.

*      He has a very high strike rate – but is not a reliable batsman   


*       Played in 13 matches  and made 2 fiftes in those.

*       Average  25,3  in all matches played

*       Has a very high strike rate – but is not a reliable batsman

On the whole Klaasen was poor after the Aussie series  where he sparklwed.   In the recent  English series he was a disaster.   

Nandre Burger – age 25 years    

Never played for the Proteas before.    On provincial level the information is as fiollows:-

50 over matches

*     He is a bowler  who  played  in  23 matches

*      Wickets taken   -  32  -  average   32.12  - strike rate -  35,4

20 over matches  

*     He is a bowler  who  played  in  29 matches

*      Wickets taken   -  34  -  average   21  - strike rate -  17,4

In the longer version for the game he was equally substandard – there must be 20bowlers in SA with a better record than this one

 Okuhle Cele   -    Age 23 years

A new player as a bowler.   Provincial record as follows:-

50 over matches

*     He is a bowler  who  played  in  23 matches

*      Wickets taken   -  35  -  average   26.82  - strike rate -  28

20 over matches  

*     He is a bowler  who  played  in  4  matches

*      Wickets taken   -  1  -  average  89  - strike rate -  66

Is  this one even a provincial level bowler?

Junior Dala   -   Age 31 years

He is a medium pace bowler  with the following record:-


*     He is a bowler  who  played  in  2 matches

*      Wickets taken   -  1  -  average   121  - strike rate - 102

20 over matches  

*     He is a bowler  who  played  in  9  matches

*      Wickets taken   - 13  -  average  21,69  - strike rate – 13.8

He is a very expensive player when  it comes to giving away runs  -  ODI’s  7.1 rpo, T20I’s – 9.08 rpo.   On provincial level he does not shine either.

Bjorn  Fortuin       26 yeaars

He is a bowler or so we are told.    He has not played in any ODI’s but played in four T20I’s.

 20 over matches  

*     He is a bowler  who  played  in  4  matches

*      Wickets taken   - 3  -  average  26,66  - strike rate – 20

*      Went for 8 rpo – substandard bowling. 

On provincial level he has slightly better figures – bit still not nearly good enough to play on international level.

Reeza  Hendriks       31 years


Batsman  who played in 21 matches.

Average     -    26,68    strike rate  76,24


Batsman  who played in 25 matches.

Average     -    25,44    strike rate  118.65

Not up to standard on international level  and has proven that repeatedly over the last two years,

George Linde         29 years

Is already in the test squad  and played in 1 tests where his batting and spin bowling were good

He played in 3 T20I’s where he took 2 wickets – average 36,5    SR 36

His provincial record was above average

Janneman  Malan     24 years

A very good batsman with the following record:-


*     He is an opening  batsman  who  played  in  3  matches

*     Runs scored    -  152  -  average   76  - strike rate – 91,56


*     He is an opening  batsman   who  played  in  9  matches

*     Runs scored  -  35   -  average  17,5  - strike rate – 94,59

His provincial record was exceptional.   A player with a very good record,

David  Miller      31 years

No comment necessary – long years of playing for the Proteas – he played in 132 ODI’s and  78 T20I’s and has an average of 40.28 in ODI’s and  29,35 in T20I’s,  Was brilliant at tines and  the opposite in n some matches.

  Andile Phehlukwayo    24 years

The player is an all-rounder, but duie to drop in form he was out of contention for selection in the last 18 months, but he is back in the squiad.     


Batting   -   34 innings   - average  29.63    - strike rate 87.55


 Bowling  -  55 matches   -  69 wickets  -  average   31,17 – strike rate 33

A very average performer on international level and showed a decline in performances over the past two  years.   

Dwayne Pretorius           31 years

A serial failure in the 22 ODI;s and 11 T20I’s  he played in – no comments justified,

Ryan Rickelton                24 years

A very interesting new selection – with good stats in the 50 overs  game and 20 overs  games/  

 50 over matches

 *     he is an  opening batsmen  who  played  in  23 matches

*      Innings    - 43  -  average   42,45  - strike rate -  86.33

20 over matches  

*     He is a batsman   who  played  in  4  matches

*      Innings   -   33  - average   -   average  26  - strike rate -  126,88

Looks like a player with international potential.   He is froma  young group of players – but not the best  amongst them.   Roelofsen ahs much the same kind of stts – but he was the Player of the Year in 2000 in 50 over games and in that year he averaged 58,5 runs per innings,   No justification for hiss election against the obvious better performer over the last two years.  

Tabraiz Shamsi     30 years

A seasoned  ODI and T20I international  - no  comments needed

Lutho Sipamla      22 Years

Is in the test side and did very well in the recent tests against SriLanka.   In the shorter versions ofi the game he did not do well – but that is not really a norm to judge him on.

Jacques Snyman     26 years

When the English team  visited SA in 2019 there was a number of   ODI’s included in the series,  Before he ODI’s the English team  played  in two games against the SA Invitation side and they lost both,    Snyman was really the key to those two losses by the English.

He is a batting all-rounder and a good spin bowler.   On provincial level his stats are as follows:-

Batting  -  50 over games

He batted in 33 innings  -  average  38.77 – strike rate 115.91

Bowling – 50 over games

Bowled  in 34 matches – wickets taken  21  -  average   40.42  -  strike rate   - 56.7

Batting   -  20 over games   

He batted in 16 innings  -  average  16.87  – strike rate  152.83

Bowling – 20 overs games

17 matches  - average 27,25 – strike rate  24,7

Rather poor T0 form.

Glenton Stuurman         28 years

This is a player who played nearly all his amtcches for the South Western Districts and did well on second level  provincial performances,   He went to the Sharks two years ago,   I think iot will be a waste of time and effort to replicate his provincial stats on site.   In the wo recent games in the Momentum Cup he was pathetic. 

Jon-Jon Smuts and Pite Van Biljon    

They  played in a number of games on international level  and was pathetic.

If Smith and Boucher had anything to do with the pathetic selections they should  be fiired.   The above squad is a national disgrace.   The Pakistanis must be looking forward to the series to have three easy wins. 

Jan 20, 2021, 16:48

The average age of the above lot is 28,4  years 00 how they call that   a young team is as misleadinga s SAC always are.    The bulk of the squad is proven failures - who even on provincial level are not performing well enough. 


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