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Sep 05, 2023, 09:01

to be announced sans Dewald Brevis. According to the latest Knuckle of a coach Brevis misses out because he "struggled to adjust to the pace of international cricket" Funny that one as we all know Brevis did very well in the IPL which is the highest level of T20 international cricket. 

Truth be told Brevis is an opener, has played that position in all of his career and were he to be selected one of Bavuma or Hendrickse would have to be dropped. Knuckle in his latest doings played Brevis at 4, during the Sri Lanka series he experimented with him at 7.....none of it worked too well so now he's thrown the lad under a bus. Just how dumb is this man, it was never going to work besides why the experiment with the WC months away. Added to that the Proteas have a world class 7, that slot is taken and the name is Marco Jansen. One more thing, Brevis is also an effective Leg spinner so he could also fill the role of Allrounder and as a spin bowler he'd be better than the useless Shamsi. The whole thing stinks of making up Quota numbers.....seriously now, how does Magala and Parnell make a WC side? One other player who should have been selected is the hard hitting Donavan Ferriera, a reputable spin bowler and wicket keeper who bats at the tail end. I can see him clearing boundaries on small Indian wickets with regular monotony. 

Sep 05, 2023, 10:30

you back?

Sep 05, 2023, 12:29

Bavuma ..... WTF

Sep 06, 2023, 20:09

We're kak...same place where the Bokke were 2017 under Coetzee...we can recover, but ....

Sep 07, 2023, 13:37

So Brevis made 5 runs in 2 international innings because he’s an opener playing out of position….got it.

Sep 07, 2023, 14:10

"Bavuma ..... WTF"

And he goes and top scores.......

Sep 07, 2023, 14:11

 Denny welcome back.   

The  fact is the age maniac has condemned Brevis when he came to the re on site without knowing anything about him.    He did the same with Alcaraz - and nearly screamed with delight when Alcaraz lost the points he earned last year when he won the US Open and because he could earn no extra points and can only recover the points he lost even if he won the US Open this year.    

He does it with every SA sportsman coming to the fore and pose a threat  to his favorites. and hsi hatred  of such sportsman continues  ad infinitum.    Stupid - but true.            

Sep 07, 2023, 19:13

So you also believe a player who bats out of position should total 5 runs in his first two international at bats. As for your points claim, let me explain it to you again. I don’t have any interest in point rankings in tennis…only in the results in Majors. Stop lying.

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