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Nov 16, 2023, 17:16

I finally watched the end of this sad loss in a game where we won the toss. We were batting with a great lineup and a bowling attack that has grown over the tournament. But it went pear shaped right at the start.

Bavuma and de Kock were palpably nervous at the start. The ball was moving a bit and the Aussie bowlers were money. But how pathetic were these two. Bavuma has shown a bit more bottle in the past. Ock I wasn’t surprise to see flop. He could have been out 3 times before finally going with a ludicrous shot. Great when there’s no pressure, but never comes through in WC knockouts.

Markram and Dussen struggled, but at least they fought. Then a great stand with Klaasen, the player one fool on here would have dropped and David Miller. They pulled us back into the game. 

When Klaasen left Jansen became the third deer, playing back to a ball that hit him on his knee pads. Later when bowling it was clear the occasion got the better of him.

Miller was left on his own to play his best innings ever. But the total was just too low. Two hundred and sixty might have produced a result.

The bowlers toiled away but Rabada with an economy of 6.83 and especially Jansen with 8.08 and no wickets, made things easy. Kudos to Markram, Shamsi, Maharaj and particularly Coetzee for creating some pressure

In the end our top four batsmen failed, and that was a bridge too far. 

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