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Jan 03, 2020, 18:19

Another TON from that ex Saffer.

Lappies does it once more with an outstanding knock.

Sure could have used his talent in the Marigolds squad.

Nah, simply not a good enough bat for the experts and you know who.......WISDEN.

CSA loss but a massive gain for OZ.


Jan 03, 2020, 22:57

Lappies was brought up in oz.

His FC batting average was 36 before he made his test debut.

Hardly any fault of CSA for not noticing him.

great on him though. im loving watching him play.

Jan 03, 2020, 23:17

His birthplace was RSA and he was raised in OZ.

Surely the Aussie selectors must have had some reason to select him don't you think?

Notwithstanding the fact that the CSA selectors never knew about him supposedly, he must have had some recorded cricket form to merit call up by OZ.

The point is that he would have been an asset to any SA test team and especially the Marigolds with their present batting lineup without AB or another prolific scoring batsman.

Wisden will of course not

Jan 04, 2020, 00:57

"Lappies was brought up in oz."

You couldn't say it any simpler and I provided the documented evidence to support the fact that Marnus Labuschagne earliest debut was as a 12yr old for his state QLD

A right-handed batsman, Labuschagne played for Queensland at under-12, under-15, under-17, and under-19 level, and captained the side at the 2012–13

To the bitter, twisted and race-obsessed Fartur it means stuff all, it's the fault of the ANC or CSA as far as he's concerned. He's not here to discuss cricket or rugby, his agenda is to use this site to unleash his racist vitriol.

Scratch through his archived post to see what I mean and if I'm wrong I'd humbly apologise. I don't remember one half decent cricket or rugby post of substance coming from him not that he knows anything about either but it doesn't excuse the racist moron.

Jan 04, 2020, 01:10

Hey Wisden see you finally stopped using that contraption and turned on your computer.

True to form cannot resist checking any mail I have posted so that you can add your Cape Coconut bigot comments in return.

Yes because of the political master of yours in RSA all sport is in the tank as per everything they touch and do.

Ofter wondered why you left because you would fit in just right with your half brothers. Perhaps you thought yourself to pale to stay I guess.

With your cricket talent, you could possibly even have made Marigold's squad on color.

So get new batteries for your machine.

Now go and get rubberized Coconut.

Jan 06, 2020, 08:34

See the lad scored a few more runs in the Aussie second innings.

Yes, he made the correct decision to play for Australia far to good to fit into the (Marigold's) squad.

Only in RSA can they not recognize class but yes they can recognize arse.

Just look at everything they touch and run with arseholes at the head. Corrupt, stupid and incompetent and just plain useless and a waste of space.

What do you say Coconut?

Jan 06, 2020, 08:51

What would you know Fartur? Other than airing your racism you've got nothing....not a single cricket or rugby post of half decent value.

Best you follow Sharkie's advice and head to least there you'll be in your comfort zone.

Laughing Graphics

Jan 09, 2020, 06:57

Hey, CoConut still following me around on this forum.

Get a life man or change the batteries.........shame you poor Ahole.

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