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Jan 05, 2021, 22:10

The references are as follows:-

Boucher himself on five key takeaways from the Proteas' Test series win | Sport (

Stern talk stung Proteas into cruising towards series whitewash | Sport (

Interesting about the second one - I think the player who got it in the neck was really Ngidi, the most experienced in the bowling component in the team, 

Jan 06, 2021, 00:44

Your digs at Ngidi are childish and your take on him getting it in the neck is unfounded bullshit

Nortje is as experienced in that side for a start

Jan 06, 2021, 09:11

My take on Ngidi is fully justified by facts and the facts are - 

*   of the bowlers he took the least wickets  in the latest SriLankan series;

*    he played in 7 tests and took 22 wickets in tests as against the 8 tests of  Nortje in which he took 30 wickets;

*    he bowls  at an average pace of  132 kph - which is a medium pace bowler and not a fast pace bowler - he is inaccurate when bowling at speed higher than 130 kph; 

*    he took no wickets in the first innings in the second test against SL and due to inaccurate bowling gave away runs; and

*     he can be effective in two to three overs - provided his pace is reduced to roundabout 130 kph - but in any more overs bowled in the session he becomes expensive and ineffective,

Bowlers like Ngidi get found out by top batsmen and become less effective sooner rather than later in their careers.

Being ineffective in bowling in the first innings and being inaccurate in the second innings were sufficient grounds for a tongue-lashing by Boucher,

Ngidi was a miracle bowler when he came on the scene and became less effective subsequently.     At present he is an average medium pace bowler - nothing more.   The fact is that he got found out not only by top batsmen - but also by his IPL club and whatever you may think,  a bowler doing badly in IPL - where he has to bowl against the top batsmen from all over the world - is not ever going to be effective in other formats of the game.

He may be sent to Pakistan - but as a result of the return of Rabada from injury he is unlikely to be used in any games.    Please also note that there was not a word about Ngidi said by Boucher in his interview and high praise of Sipamla and Mulder - so would he have criticized them and also Nortje after the latter's sterling performance in the first innings - hence my deduction that Ngidi was the one who were in hot water with Boucher when it came to bowling,         



Jan 06, 2021, 12:08


Your racism shines time after time.

You are a beacon of light for the old South Africa.

Ngidi and Nortje are both fantastic bowlers and deserve their respective spots in the side.

Nortje is an out and out quick. Ngidi gets good swing and bounce.

Both will be successful international bowlers.

Ngidi has an average of 26 and has a better strike rate than Nortje.

But they do feed well off of each other.

Looking forward to having Rabada back.

Please stop being so racist or I will lay a formal complaint against you at my local police.

Jan 06, 2021, 12:09

His strike rate is similar to Nortje’s you stupid prick which effectively counters all the other garbage you have written about him

Nortje has one more test than Ngidi which is two bowling innings’s and taken 8 more wickets than him.

That puts them along side eachother and one would have to credit Ngidi more given he does not have the pace Nortje does. Pace is a weapon

But what about their bowling averages in test matches - Ngidi at 25.7 and Nortje 30.7 proving that Ngidi is the better bowler. Case closed

Ngidi has been bowling within himself coming back from injury. A fully fit Ngidi bowls around the 145kph mark.

Ngidi is world class and that’s a fact

Jan 06, 2021, 14:19

Well - you may carry on - but I believe for obvious reasons I clearly spelled out the player who got it in the neck from Boucher is Ngidi,   He was not up to standard against hte English and came a poor fourth in wicket  taking  against SriLanka/

He cannot be bowled more than  2 to 3 overs becoming very expensive  the longer he bowled,  And his pace bowling now equites to that of Mulder - who bowls much more accurately and with mnore better-planned purpose than Ngidi does - hence his higher wicket taking,   Please note that in both matches Ngidi bowled less than either Nortje and Mulder did because he was not up to standard.   He was even given extra overs to try to get rid of the tailenders and get him a five wicket haul in the innings  and was not successful - while Sipamla took three wickets quickly.   What does that tell you about his effectiveness n bowling?         .     

Jan 06, 2021, 14:45

No you are lying as nowhere does it say that Boucher said anything to Ngidi individually for that would be plain stupidity given all the seamers were pretty much equal throughout the series

Judging Ngidi in a stupid T20 tournament against England shows your cricket ignorance

Ngidi was good in the SL series and was never expensive

He has the same strike rate as Nortje but a far better bowling average making him the better of the two. FACT - you can’t argue with the stats

Your take on Ngidi is pure cricket ignorance

Jan 06, 2021, 15:09


this idiot just argues without any evidence.

my god,

i almost want to just agree so that he shuts up.

cos when he starts talking crap, my fuck i get irritated.

Jan 06, 2021, 15:21

It would be ok if Mike actually understood the game but clearly he does not

Which true cricket follower is going to judge a player based on smash bash IPL or T20 internationals.

That’s not fucking cricket

He bangs on about Moz and wanker Aug not knowing anything when he is just as bad

But at least he is a nice guy - just an ignorant one

Jan 06, 2021, 16:07

You are welcome as to having your own ideas about Ngidi - but him bowling at 145 when he is rated as a medium fast bowler on ESPN - not a fast bowler - means that his average bowling speed is  below 140 kph and in the past series was in fact 132 kph.   

He took the least wickets taken by the four main bowlers used and he was in the main inaccurate,  Even 2 of the 7 wickets were taken with poorly directed balls - which would have been called wides in ODI's  and would mean that the batsmen got themselves out by touching them - that shows poor batsman-ship being out as a result of poor deliveries,

However I believe that the Batsmen have "found him out" and he will have to work hard at getting to be an acceptable international bowler.    At present there are better propositions coming through - eg Sipamla and  others,   His chances of playing international cricket will be diminished if he does not get well above his present performance level.           

Jan 06, 2021, 18:10

Batsmen have found him out have they? How do they do that

If they found him out then they must have found Nortje out as well for Ngidi is the better test bowler of the two

Are you saying Ngidi has never bowled 145kph?

Jan 06, 2021, 18:36

The one took eleven wickets and the other one 7 - that is a new one on me, you really are very funny.   Keep it up - I love jokes.

If he did ESPN would not rate him as a medium fast bowler.   His fastest ball this series was 136 kph - but the accuracy was gone.   His average balls were 132 kph, and only accurate when it was below that pace, 

Sure they found him out and hit him for plenty in his recent matches  a slowish pace bowler  who is read easily, and easily countered.  You should ask Dawid Malan about that though.                 

Jan 06, 2021, 18:54

4 wickets more in one series is nothing and I’m talking their full test careers as bowlers you dumb ass

Ngidi has the far better bowling average

He was no more expensive than Nortje or Sipamla in this series so stop speaking utter shit

Jan 06, 2021, 19:08

To prove what utter horseshit you speak when it comes to Ngidi let’s look at his runs conceded this series against SL as compared with Nortje’s

First test

Ngidi first innings 3.37 runs per over

Nortje first innings 4 runs per over

Ngidi second innings 3.8 runs per over

Nortje second innings 4.62 runs per over

Second test

Ngidi first innings 2.93 runs per over

Nortje first innings 4.4 runs per over

Ngidi second innings 3.8 runs per over

Nortje second innings 3.37 runs per over

May I suggest you shut the fuck up and stop embarrassing yourself on the topic of Ngidi

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