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Nov 20, 2023, 06:01

AJ you beauty predicting Oz to win and Rooinek spot on predicting the semi finalist......can't knock perfection:angel:

Thanx for lightening up the cricket section it was a pleasure posting alongside of you.

Say Blobbok, have you migrated to the USA?

Nov 20, 2023, 12:33

Thanks Denny.

India was the outstanding team in this CWC but I never ever write Australia off.

Just got back home from a hunting trip with my son in-laws and my grandsons recorded the match which I still have to watch today time allowing.

Plus a bonus was collecting from the bookies.

But a great CWC for me a big plus was seeing smaller countries new to the game and the progress they have made to not only qualify for the Cup playoffs but to take it to some of the bigger and better teams.

Great stuff.

Nov 20, 2023, 14:03

Well done indeed Peeper, perhaps the Indian fifth or  sixth team might have won the WC…..hahaha. And well done the poster who wanted to drop Klaasen for the semi. Great insight there.

But perhaps this explains it:

‘It’s been a long time since  I've been in awe of a cricket team as I am of the Indian team. I'd have to wind back to the Ozzies of the 2000 era with stars like Ponting, Mark and Steve Waugh, Warne and McGrath but before that the great Windies sides of the '90s with stars like Gordon Greenidge, Viv Richards, Holding, Marshall and Joel Garner. As a betting man both those sides would have the current Indian side but with stars like Kohli, Shubman Gill, Sharma, Pandya, Bumrah and Jadeja I reckon they're the next best thing. There simply isn't a weakness in either their batting or their bowling.’


Actually I was more in awe of them than any players since the WG Grace era……waaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha. What a tit!

Nov 21, 2023, 03:06

Denny ............ nooit, safe in die huis in MiddleEarthTaranaki.

Nov 21, 2023, 06:16

Dearie, dearie me, sounds like poopoo bear is upset and tearing up......sjampies. My fault, I should have known never to compliment Rooinek......but you know the Prediction post was an open ended post to which our resident after the event expert had every chance to make his prediction which we all know he never does,.....guess he's smart enough to realise that he can never be wrong in hindsight. Not wanting to rub salt into the wound but here it is again. 

Well done Nekkie!


Oct 08, 2023, 05:54

India, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand.

Nov 21, 2023, 06:25

So AJ you not only predicted the winner but you've also bankrupted a Bookie:D

Put some dosh aside mate, just enough to buy me a coldie....... Canada is on my bucket list.

CSA is in a mess but keep an eye on Brevis Dewald(spelt back to front) just to spare the young bloke our resident misery's never ending sour targeted attacks.


Nov 21, 2023, 13:50

Quisling you have my permission to suck up to Peeper any time you like….but here’s a bit of advice, try to not do it when he has made a massive fool of himself, that just makes you also look like a total fool.

Nov 21, 2023, 21:18

Just watched the Aussie innings.

What a performance from Head 137 runs in 100 odd balls in the CWC final outstanding plus Lappies also did justice when at bat.

Smith has been a total failure in this CWC and Warner has to be thinking about retiring.

But I am sure my Bookie in the UK will make up his loss when Fury defends his title and loses in February, I would bet.

Nov 22, 2023, 06:10

Lots of good fights coming up on the 23rd December with a nice fight card AJH .... should be interesting

Nov 22, 2023, 23:22

"......and Warner has to be thinking about retiring."

Warner has retired, think he made the announcement prior to the WC

Nov 23, 2023, 20:49

Thanks  for the update Denny.

Never heard a peep about the Proteas return to RSA or did they take a "RED EYE" flight back home.

So the big question is was the President at the airport to welcome them home.

Quess not as no TV coverage and no trophy to hold up to the TV cameras for him and Kaptein.

But they did better than I ever expected.

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