What caused the loss of the Proteas today?

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Feb 16, 2019, 16:48

Lets face facts there are serious problems in their batting line-up and the problem is the same players whose battin are problematic are poor fielders as well.   After all catches win matches and the fact is Elgar did not even pretend to endeavor a catch within half a meter from him. 

The problem with batsmen are that when their eye-hand co-ordination goes out of the window and there reaction time is slowed down you find that they start showing  decline in performances.    They start off having one good score in about 6 innings they bat in and save their selections by hoping such a gift innings occur.

So where are the real problems in the Proteas line-up:-

*   I am afraid that Amla has show again that he is past his sell-by date and that it would be better if he is shown the door.   This great player is very busy destroying his reputation.   His batting is very iffy and his fielding - at the best of times was not top class, but at this stage he is the worst fielder in the team.

*   Elgar is a fighter with very poor batting technique.   He can survive and get reasonable good scores - but he must be exceedingly lucky.   However, he had a string of average to poor batting figures recently and his atrocious fielding does not help either,

*   We cannot afford Philander anymore.   He still function on reputation - but even though he still takes wickets he fact is that his pace in bowling is down and he can be easily handled by batters - so he is rather expensive.   he also have constant injury problems - for instance eh could not bowl today.

I would say that the following team changes should be made with a view to the future and especially the upcoming WC:-

1   Markram  - also had his lows as a batter in the last test - but he is an excellent fielder

2   van der Dussen

3   Du Plessis

4   Bavuma

5   Hamza

6   De Kock

7   Muller

8   Steyn

9   Rabada

10 Ngidi

11 Olivier/Nortje/Maharaj *

*    Depending on the pitch conditions. 


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