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Apr 19, 2021, 03:58

in debuting a player at international level at ages 28(Wihan Lubbe) and 34(Van Biljon) who have batting averages of 21.32 and 20.83 in T20 domestic cricket?

It proved to be another nail in the efforts of the Proteas against an above average Pakistani side who had one world class batsman and one world class quick.

Yeah right Boucher sure knows what he's doing.

Apr 19, 2021, 06:13

It makes zero sense - but so did the absence of Kyle Verreynne from the playing team and a lot of other better  players. from the  squad.    In any event what was Lubbe doing in the squad anyway - he was by some distance  not the best back-up player to be selected for the squad anyway, 

Watch out for the next drama when  De Kock comes back, Malan would get the boot and Lubbe given another chance,    Verreynne would be sent packing since  Klaasen would be the back-up wicket keeper.     

The whole scene is riddled by stupidity and with Boucher being idiotic  when it comes to selection of players,  we can expect the same idiocy to prevail.                                        

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