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Apr 18, 2021, 16:24

The following comments ion the media is telling:-

What went wrong

A lot. The fielding, the middle order batting, the bowling and the selection of the side. Enough’s been said about Kyle Verreynne.

But the composition of the team for Friday’s last match, which South Africa had to win, to draw the series was very poor - and that is on Victor Mpitsang, Mark Boucher, Enoch Nkwe and Patrick Moroney, the selectors.

So what went wrong in the whole disaster must be laid  at the door of the selectors,   So who are the selectors who chose the playing team.     I know about -

*    Mpitsang - a rather mediocre bowler who could have become a good prospect - but had bone problems;

*    Enoch Nkwe - who never played international cricket - on what level did he play cricket?

*    Boucher   -   who when it comes to selections are a total incompetent who should put his foot down and insist on proper selections;  but  

*    who the hell is Patrick Moroney - have never heard of him playing cricket in SA - so what is his claim to fame?

Rugby was going the same way as cricket is going and the solution was that he insisted on the abolishing of the  selection committee system.    That is the answer - but CSA is in a dwang and they are just destroying the game and would do nothing to rectify it.  

In short  experts should select teams - not the kind of members (experts in nothing) the selection committee has at present.    



Apr 20, 2021, 09:28

The bowling.

Apr 20, 2021, 15:00


That chap Patrick Moroney who never played a first class game of cricket in his life according to what I found out,    He is an independent selector - according to his website.   How the hell can such a  person be a selector of the Proteas?

So we have a bowler with a few games on national level until he was found he had brittle-bone problems, two people who never played first class cricket and a top class cricket player in Boucher, who as a coach and selector  is showing  to be a stupid  idiot  selecting the national team.   No wonder it is a total f#ck-up.     .         

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