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Who are the under-achievers in the Proeas team?

Forum » Cricket » Who are the under-achievers in the Proeas team?

Feb 23, 2019, 19:57

The following is n interesting extract from a News24 report:-


"It will be a fair while before they are in a position - much soul-searching is required in the meantime, especially in terms of both personnel and shape of their rickety batting arsenal - to claw back ground, and cynics will say that is unlikely with any stealth anyway, as an away series against the undoubtedly premier Indians is the supposed next on the Test roster in October.

Indeed, that shapes as such a formidable challenge, bearing in mind the 0-3 drubbing last time there, that it might be wise for Cricket South Africa to try to squeeze in another short series or even once-off Test against a more moderate power ahead of it.

That would at least enable any new faces - and a clamour on that front is only likely to intensify, given the increasing weight of statistical under-deliverers in the team - some sort of opportunity to find their feet at the highest level before the Indian mission comes around "...

Basically my list of under-achievers are the following:-

*   Amla       - batting and fielding problems

*   Elgar       - batting and fielding problems

*   Bavuma  - batting problems 

*   Philander -  Not up to standard anymore.

*   Steyn      -  Uncnvincing bowling - especially in the last test and in the ODI's 

Wonder what the ODI squad is going to look like?



Feb 23, 2019, 20:24

Ah Mike You beacon of positivity. Not even worth getting into the discussion with you.

Feb 23, 2019, 20:58

It does not help - Chippo or not that some team changes are necessary?

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