WP Cricket pays tribute after pioneer of non-racial sport ‘Lefty’ Adams dies aged 84

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Jan 29, 2023, 04:35

Cape Town — The Western Province Cricket Association (WPCA) has paid tribute to legendary cricketer Abduraghmaan “Lefty” Adams.

Described as “a highly respected stalwart in the fight for non-racial sport in our country” by former Proteas bowling coach Vincent Barnes, Adams died on Friday at the age of 84.

According to WPCA president Ashraf Burns, Lefty, as he was affectionately known, would have played Test cricket for South Africa were it not for apartheid.

“Our heartfelt condolences to his children Feirouz, Faseegha, Sameer, the loved ones and Primrose CC family," Burns said in a statement.

Adams is widely regarded in cricketing circles as one of the greatest left-arm orthodox spinners of his era. Born in a time that destined him never to be allowed to represent his country at the highest level, his achievements on and off the field are a remarkable testament to a cricketing hero.

From street cricket in Black River, where he was born in 1939, “Boeta Maan” as he was also fondly known, grew up in the shadow of Newlands cricket ground. It was hallowed turf he would never be allowed to play on during his illustrious career, his club, Primrose Cricket Club, said in a statement.

He represented EP, WP and Griquas at provincial level, and played leading roles at Pirates, Pioneers and Primrose Cricket Clubs. In December 2021, Primrose CC presented Lefty with a Certificate of Commendation, paying deserved homage to him and his life in cricket.

In the words of Abdul Patel: “His full story, contribution and legacy remains incompletely told and documented and should be fully recorded in the annals of democratic, political and sports history in South Africa and cricket globally.

“His fight for non-racial unified sport are the fruits enjoyed by the beneficiaries of sport, especially cricketers, in democratic South Africa today.”

Jan 30, 2023, 18:25

Sadly a few more names could be added to the list of players overlooked due to their colour.

Pleased to read that he was honoured for his courage, play and determination during our difficult and sad past.

RIP Mr Adams.

Jan 31, 2023, 21:23

RIP...embarrassingly I've never even heard of him...although he was a bit before my time...even older than my dad would have been if he lived to this day...and in 50 years we are going to tell similar stories...again, we seem to be destined to repeat the errors of the past.

Feb 01, 2023, 04:12

That's mighty decent of you and AJ, not sure if you need to be embarrassed though, I haven't heard of him either. The system which amongst other things isolated ethnic groups literally wiped people of colour into non existence. The "Cape Argus" and the "Cape Times" as an example would never report on a sportsman or a sport played by people of colour. I know of a few who would have made the world stage, Johar Mosavel as an example, born in D6 was a member of the Queens Ballet but there would be others that we don't know across all sports in other provinces who would have been world class given the opportunity. I guess we only hear about them when they pass.

Respect to you and AJ.

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