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Jul 20, 2018, 13:21

EPL Fantasy anyone..

Perhaps if there's interest we can reboot our forum league from last year for another epic battle...

i will be watching Superbru for the Ruckers forum pool if anyone wants a whipping...two player limit for each club the difference this year i noticed

  Liverpool looking good this year with their new 65mill Brazilian goal keeper Allison shoring up the defence ...and Man City have also strengthened their midfield with Mahrez so toss up between those two teams on paper for mine...

...still plenty of transfers to come as well with different clubs like the Toffees with their new coach changing things up...and the promoted teams are of an unknown quantity adding to the intrigue...not that i'll be watching much of it with the Pro 14 kicking off in September...

But the must have in everyone's fantasy team, the best striker in the Kiwi ninja Chris Wood...:silly:

Aviva is live as well btw

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