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Jul 03, 2022, 23:45

….it seems winning Majors is in fact a little more taxing than winning Barcelona. It was an enjoyable match that Sinner dominated for long stretches. Alcatraz showed grit in fighting  off half a dozen match points. But I still wonder exactly what makes him the clear favorite among the youngsters. He has a stellar drop shot, but it isn’t as effective on grass…even less so on hard courts.

When Sinner was playing freely he dominated young Traz, what part of his game is going to get better to dominate the other youngsters. I’m not seeing it, he seems very mature already as a player.

Sinner by contrast has an opportunity to improve his net play to back up his excellent serve.

Whatever may be, Alcatraz looks less and less likely to be a teen age Major winner.

Jul 04, 2022, 16:38


If you follow tennis carefully you should have known  that  Alcaraz had an injury problem picked up in teraining and that it influenced is performance at Roland Garros.   It you read what I wrote about Alcaraz you would have not that he did not adjust well to play grass court tennis.    He may yet developed on grass courtts =but he is the best clay court player in the world and likely to be the best hard court player as well.   

Jul 04, 2022, 22:23

If he is the best clay court player why didn’t he win the French….oh I forgot….he was hahaha….injured.

Hyperbole and nonsense protected by excuses.

Jul 05, 2022, 08:34

Idiot supreme at it again.  

Jul 05, 2022, 18:25


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