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Oct 01, 2022, 10:33

There are two ATP 500 tournaments this week followed by 5 ATP 250 tournaments over two weeks and then the last 3 APT tournaments will follow.    I was surprised to see that the Tokyo tournament attracted very poor  nominations as that type of Tournament normally entails stronger participation than the APT 250 tournaments,   



Top Half of the Draw

Joao Munar                                            vs         Pedro Martinez

Soonwoo Kwon                                     vs         Mackenzie McDonald

4   Frances Tiafoe                                   vs       Bernabe Zapata-Miralles

8   Daniel Evans                                     vs        Miomir Kecmanovic

Bottom Half of the Draw

5    Nic Kyrgios                                      vs        Kamel Majchrzak

3    Taylo Fritz                                        vs        Hiroki Moriya

7    Denis Shapovalov                             vs       Rio Noguchi

9    Borna Coric                                       vs       Brandon Nakashima


Oct 02, 2022, 09:06

Final players have been determined and the matches will start early on Monday.  In general a poor set of players,     

Oct 04, 2022, 03:14

Since the above Cameron Norrie has withdrawn from the Torunament andin the seeding players replaced by Borna Coric - who isnow seeded as No 9.

Oct 04, 2022, 07:12

Ruud got lucky this year and ended up as number 2 ranked player in the world by injuries and lucky draws he got into two major finales and ended up being disgraced in each of the two.   Today h e was easily beaten by a Spanish clay court player in Round 1 of the Tokyo Open.   He is just Supershit as a player and my forecast is that by this time next year he will be out of the Top 10 ranked players.   He has very few attacking weaponry and his services are relatively harmless.            

Oct 04, 2022, 10:00

The Tokyo Open is now without their number 1, 2 and 6 seeds  and the end result is going to be wide open.    

Oct 05, 2022, 09:01



Top Half of the Draw

Pedro Martinez                     vs        Soonwoo Kwon

4   Frances Tiafoe                vs          Miomir Kecmanovic

Bottom Half of the Draw

3    Taylo Fritz                    vs           5    Nic Kyrgios            

7    Denis Shapovalov        vs            9    Borna Coric

Oct 06, 2022, 16:10



4   Frances Tiafoe                            vs     Soonwoo Kwon 

3    Taylo Fritz                                 vs    7    Denis Shapovalov

Looking at the above - Kyrgios must stop playing tennis if he cannot win this tournament.     In the case of Tiafoe he faces unseeded players in both the quarterfinal and the same in the semifinal + while Kyrgios will face Fritz in the Quarterfinal - who is more interested in his hair  than in playing tennis - and Shapovalov who has no won a tournamnet for ages and is totally unpredictable,   So the likely final could potentially be between Tiafoe and Kyrgios.      

By the way Kyrgios withdrew and that gave Fritz a pass to the next round.   

Oct 07, 2022, 13:30



3    Taylo Fritz      vs     4   Frances Tiafoe 

Congrats to Fritz in winning a nail-biter,     

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