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Jul 05, 2022, 18:32

Novak hit one of the brilliant backhands of all time to grab a double break in the 5th. After not quite focusing in the first two sets and allowing Sinner to take the lead, he went into 5 set mode.

That’s the difference in Majors….it’s really a different game….like a 400 metres  versus a 1500 metres. Why can’t some people get this? I guess they never played the game where winning a set off the club champion vs sustaining it to win the match is also a different game.

And Novak gave a charming, humorous interview at the end. To me of the Big 3, and I like all of them, Novak comes across as the most human and real. Tennis is incredibly lucky to have him.

Jul 05, 2022, 18:45

Sinner has a solid serve and a great forehand cross court. He has a good chance of becoming one of the post Big 3 leaders….Joker was able to expose his movement. He covers the court well on wide balls and is seriously quick, but it’s the small adjustments that let him down….too often he is not fully in balance as he hits the ball. And Novak’s ground game is so hard to predict that he exposes that flaw.

The kid is elegant, restrained and a good sportsman…I hope he learns from this and comes back even better.

Jul 06, 2022, 13:52

Hope D jok0ovic win the Exhibition series - he has won zilch in other tournament this year.   

Jul 06, 2022, 16:32

Do you really hope that Clever…..slathered in egg….  I would say that’s the last thing you want. Your men fall like nine pins the moment 5 set tennis starts.

As for the Joker winning….in theory his odds are 25% based on a coin toss. But probably a bit better than that….say 40%. No more though, he is a long way from battle hardened and relying on his innate talent.

Jul 08, 2022, 08:04

Nadal is gone and Kyrgios got a walkover into the final.  Is Djokovic the next to go after a near disaster against Sinner?      

Jul 09, 2022, 00:19

He crushed Sinner…and despite your prediction he crushed Norrie. So it’s another final without seuntjies.

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