Despite Mozart's dire prediction as to Carlos Alcaraz notched up another milestone in fewer matches than Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer

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Mar 14, 2023, 14:02

Carlos Alcaraz reached yet another milestone in his young career as he recorded his 100th top-level win and he did so in fewer matches than the Big Three of Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, although he is second fastest in terms of the all-time record.

The reigning US Open champion booked his place in the last-16 of the Indian Wells Open with a solid 7-6 (7-4), 6-3 victory over Tallon Griekspoor to hit the magical 100-career match win mark.

World No 36 Griekspoor was no pushover as there were no breaks of serve in the opening set before the top seed edged the tie-breaker.

Alcaraz then took charge of the second set early on as he broke in game two, but the Dutchman refused to give up the fight as he saved a match point on his serve in game eight before the teenager served out the match for his 100th win.

His latest milestone came in just 132 matches – one slower than record-holder John McEnroe, but he did achieve the feat in fewer matches than Nadal (137), Djokovic (143) and Federer (169).

“I’m really proud to get my 100th win on the ATP Tour and I hope it’s the first 100 of many,” Alcaraz said. “Honestly, I searched that stat today, [but] I didn’t know. I thought it was in the next round.”

Alcaraz is probably not in fundi in studying stats - but in everything else he is a tennis wizard - he really is a special tennis player.  I saw him and Rublev playing a training match in Indian Wells and what I saw was a tennis performance in hard hitting unequaled in tennis history.    

Mar 15, 2023, 05:15

The Alcatraz sound effects

Mar 15, 2023, 12:54

Mozart LOL

If Alcaraz win in Indian Wells he will be back as number 1 ranked player in the world  and the chances is 80%  that it would happen.

Medvedev had a nasty fall in his latest match and is likely to withdraw from this tournament. - he completed the match winning it - but the end result would be that the semi would be between Fritz or Sinner and Davidovich Fokina who would get a pass to the semi where he will meet either Norrie or Tiafoe - all three of whom Alcaraz   would beat with ease in the final 

In the quarterfinal Alcaraz will meet Auger-Aliassime and in the semifinal either Fritz or Sinner.  I think that  Sinner is likely to beat Fritz and the semi will be between Alcaraz and Sinner.                      

Mar 15, 2023, 15:01

It doesn’t matter…..all that matters are the Slams.

Mar 16, 2023, 11:18

How does that not matter anyway - that is typical of idiotic feeling by an ignorant participant in discussion of tennis in the world.   There  are 4 levels of tennis played in the tennis world;-

*   The tennis Majors  4  - last year it was 3                 8 000  ranking points

*    The End of Year Championship                              1 500 ranking points      

*   The tennis masters 10 - APT 1000                         10 000 ranking points

*    The APT 500 series 12                                            6 000 ranking points

*    The APT 250  series 32 tournaments                      8 000 ranking points 

If the Majors were the only tournament that counted why does the winning points to be gained (8 000) represent less than 30% of the points players can win in playing tennis.   Rankings play a role in the value of sponsorships players are involved in.    Although Djokovic remains the top earner from Sponsorship if he drops down in the rankings like Federer and Nadal already did his sponsorship value will inevitably decline.   On being the potential no 1 player in the world the sponsorship value of Alcaraz is increasing constantly.   As a 19 year-old player he is extremely wealthy already - he earned much more than Federer, Djokovic and Nadal earned before he won his first hundred matches in tournaments.  

Your above comment is obviously BS not recognized by the players - whom regard the EOY Championship the most important one to participate in and win and so does the sponsrs.    .               

Mar 20, 2023, 03:02


When I mentioned that for Alcaraz the Mexican Open was not as important as playing in  the Indian Wells and Miami tournaments you went bananas as per normal.   

After back from injury Alcaraz played in 3 tournaments and he won 2 of those and ws a finalist in the third one.     

Mar 20, 2023, 09:56


I will give you news that will make you very happy.   Alcaraz has now played and won in 3 APT 1000 master tournaments and won all 3 earning 3 000 ranking points in total.   The next APT 1000 tournament start this week in Miami.    Alcaraz won the Miami tournament in 2022 and his participation this year will result in his daily update be 7 440 minus 1 000 points - in other words that point count will be added to in each match he played in and if he does not win the Miami tournament he will become the 2nd ranked player again at the end of the Miami tournament.      

Mar 21, 2023, 21:14

I’m not blind Mike Alcatraz is a talent, but I’m unwilling to say he is a generational champion yet. He has 20 Majors to go and countless tough matches.

On the positive side he is quick, flexible not one of the long sticks, has no obvious weaknesses, has a great drop volley and most impressive, he is comfortable at the net.

On the negative side, his opposition still has  to appear. Nadal and Federer are unlikely to challenge again. Djocovic is being hounded by the Wokes and is also getting up there. Alcatraz has had no real peer competitors, but they will emerge.

He can be taken out with deep hard ground shots. Contrast Medvedev who fed him a raft of mid court toppies which he crushed….whereas Sinner was out-hitting him off the ground in the first set. Sinner’s serve was the weakness at 50% first serves and none in the tie-break.

Still one could see how a big ground shot player could be difficult for him. He is very muscled kid which will make injuries more likely….and he plays with huge effort. Can that be sustained through 15 years? Or can it be sustained through 5 sets

It’s going to be interesting to find out.

Mar 22, 2023, 05:45

You obviously know why Djokovic is being hounded by the Wokes crowd.    He has close ties with the Serbian subsidiary of the Russian Orthodox Church and thus with the Russian players like Medvedev and Rublev.   That is enough to get the Woke crowd at his throat.

That is one reason why the reactionaries are targeting him for his stand about vaccination.    The present Regime in the USA dislikes his attitude - which incidentally has nothing to do with his religion at all, but more to do with believes in natural immunity.    Fact is all three has had been infected by Covid - he is suffering from his victimization of him by the US Government most likely more to do with his approach to religion than anything else.   No one knows the position with regard to updated vaccination of Medvedev or Rublev either - they did take initial jabs - but is unlikely to have taken additional jabs and that took the other two out of the firing line.

Djokovic only comment on the Ukraine War is largely favoring a peaceful settlement of the War which represents the views of the two Russian players as well.    It is very difficult to sustain that approach in Wimbledon about the two other mentioned players as well.    Djokovic from the start was opposed to their ban  by England and is part of the vast majority of the players who wants the ban lifted by England.    It looks like the English will lift the ban - but if they do not do so - he may decide to skip Wimbledon  this year.                  

By the way I would not read too much into the Alcaraz -Demetrev game on Sunday.    It is virtually impossible  to win 4 tournaments in successive weeks and in that case the latter ran out of steam in Indian Wells.   I do not give Demetrev much of a chance this week either, but I have my doubts of Alcaraz as well.   Since he played 4 matches with one off week since return from Injury and won 3 of those and was in the final of the other one, he may also run out of steam this week.                 


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