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Apr 24, 2021, 21:07

Karatsev - whom Djokovic  beat in the semi in the Aussie Open - beat him in the tournament in his home city,    He is now in the final facing Berretini,

Djokovic will find it very hard to win in the upcoming Madrid Open and the subsequent  Roland Garros Major - both played on red clay.   The Madrid tournament starts on   30 April and  losing badly in Barcelona and now also losing in Belgrade  on clay he would be badly prepared for that tournament.         

Djokovic after the winning the Aussie Open went down in the next two tournaments he played in,    He is lucky that the present ranking system protects Djokovic himself. Nadal and Federer otherwise if the old ranking system was used - their rankings would not look so good,     Nadal has not won a tournament this year and  even get into any semi - bar in Barcelona wherehe will play Tsitsipas in the final,   The chances of him beating Tsitsipas is not more than 20% at best,      


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