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Jan 03, 2024, 12:11

Djokovic in the World Tournament played againt Jriri Helacka and beat him 2 sets to 1 - not a really great achiement.  Hiss next match was against Alex de Minaur    He lost in that match 6/4 and 6/4.    There ae two ATP 250. tournaments  next week before the A ussie Open starting on 15 January 2024.   

Lat year Djokovic won ATP 250 tournemts before the Ausie-Open Djomovic played in  and won both.   This year he played in the ETP country Championship for Serbia and the above indicates his achiement in that Tournament.   

It is quite poible that Djokovic will chose  the tournment in Adelaide  - the other one is in Auckland to prepare himself for the Aussie turnament.  

Incidentally Nadal is abck for h is final year farewell mayches and played in Brisbane where he ebat Th iem in three sets       


Jan 05, 2024, 01:52

After hardly saying a word about the joker’s stellar  2023 achievements …3 days into 2024 you come up with this rubbish. It takes a desperate man to be that warped.

Jan 05, 2024, 07:40

No Mozart

I am a realist and you kow nothing about tennis.    We will have to follow the pogress of players this year and not do anything about what ah ppened in 2023.    I wrote about Djokovic performances in 2023 quite estensively a fter his final win in Turin adn said he was proven to be the best player. and your claims as to "hardly saying a word" about Djokovic achievements in 2023 is just another lMozart site lie.

Last year  Djokovic playe in the two opening ATP 250 events and won in both.    This year he decided to paly for the Serbia team in  the World Chamiionship and won one match  and lost hsis econd match - so he lsot 190 ranking points as a result.   

The second  ATP matches are enxt week and we will see whther he participate in that one.  The draws will be available by at th latest  tomorrow.    Djokovic will be the no 1 seeded player in the Aussie Open - where he will have to play seven martches over a two week period to win the Open and we will have to see whether he will repeat what happened in 2023 and base our comment on that issue.        

By the way dimness Nadal is retitirng from all forms of tennis this year and is playing in some touranments as a farewell guest player this year.   in his first faewell torunament he did wll  a he did well in getting to the quarterfinals to be played today    Nadal announced his retirement from tennis in the year he was 37 years of age  and that si the age of Djokovic this year.    Djokovic is a better atjhlete at 37 than Nadla was and we will have to see how he progress this year.    Djokovic test will come soon in teh Aussie Open now only a week adna half away.     


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Jan 06, 2024, 01:17

This from the Paris finals is the kind of rubbish you produced all year:

    ‘ Frankly Djokoivic was showing clearly that he. is not matchfit - having not layed any tournament tennis since the US Open.    He took 3 sets to beat Rune as well asnother 3 setter against Griespoor.    

Looking at his performance I took note of him changing his shirt..   Djokovic who always had a "six-pack" and there is no sign of that anymore.    Look like he picked up some weight in the last two months.

He is playing Rublev next and I think he will have poblems in that match today.   I lay a bet that Rublev will beat him.’      


The Joker rubbed your nose in it week after week, and yet you start the new year with the same desperate need for him to fail I hope you are better with horses than tennis players.

Jan 06, 2024, 04:13


Why do you always find th e wrong  issue when I wrote a real assessment of what happened in the NITTO Championship Finals - by the players considered the real top tournament in World Tennis,  As per normal what I wrote after a A TP 1000 tourament is irrelevant - but you have to quite it because you had your normal BS  attack on your brain.

In 2023 Djokovic played in 2 ATP tournaments (Brisbane and Adxelaide) and won in both tournaments - in other wrds he won 8 matches out of 8 played,   This year  Djokovic decided to play in the A TP Team World Championship and he played a total of two matches in that series,  Unlike in 2023, this year he played in exactly two matches before the Aussie Open starting on 15 January 2024.    In the first match against the world no 32 ranked player -  Helecka - in a three set match and in the end won the match.   In the second  match he played against the World Number 12 ranked player - De Minaur = and lost in 2 sets.

You really must hate the truth,   I wrote a real assessment about FD jokmovic's performances in his first two tournaments in 2023 - compared to his performances this year and you went on a BS attack normally expected from you.    Grow up imbecile.       

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