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May 23, 2021, 11:01

This absolute gentleman is now selling part of his memorabilia to raise  funds for his Foundation's projects to assist education in Switzerland and South Africa.  It is perhaps an indication that his retirement from tennis is imminent and would raise more money now than if he is retired,   In any event it is a wonderful project and deserve praise,

If taking into account what happened thus far after more than a year break as a result of a knee injury indicates that he may retire soon.   His first match was in Doha he won against a qualifier in three sets - the second match he lost against a relatively unknown player also in three sets,   He earlier announced that his next series would be in Dubai - the week after the Doha  Tournament.   After his loss in Doha he said that he would not play in Dubai and will prepare himself for the grass court season.    

He then decided that he would like to play in the Roland Garross tournament and would play in Geneva to prepare for that tournament - but lost in his first match in Geneva.    Whether he will be in fact be playing in the Roland Garross tournament will only become known when the rankings are determined,   In his forecast of the past he planned to play in the Wimbleton  tournament and in the Olympic.   In this regard it must be borne in mind that the Roland Garross tournament has been delayed by a week and here will only be a two week break between Roland Garross and Wimbledon and very difficult to prepare for grass court  tennis with such a short break.    

For a 39 year old player with a year injury break it seems to be near impossible to return to play tennis on a competitive basis.   He is likely to retire soon and it will be a great loss to world tennis.            


May 24, 2021, 11:51

All good things come to an end Mike. Federer hopes once again to defy age and continue. See what happens.

Personally I think Djokovic will win the GOAT race. Time will tell. 

May 25, 2021, 06:18


Djokovic and Nadal is also on the way down,     In the past seen months he and Nadal took part in  tournaments  and in all 15 tournaments bar 3 - where opposing players had match points against them they managed to win ,     Thus far this year  Djokovic won in 1 tournament and  Nadal in 2.   

I am certain  they are not going to do better in the Roland Garross tournament and I do think too many players have beaten the two of them thus far his year and they will always be up against even more players capable of beating them/   .       

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