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Jul 16, 2021, 21:03

 Who do I think will be the best ever?” the BBC commentator said. “Djokovic. Certainly the best male player. To me it will become a numbers game. [With them] all on 20 then I will reserve judgement.

“You look at the way he is playing, his intensity, consistency, I really think the [Calendar] Grand Slam is on this year.

“There is no doubt, and I have said for a couple of years, I think he will be the male player with the most Grand Slams. And therefore he will go down as the greatest male player of all time.”

Steffi Graf (22), Serena Williams (23) and Margaret Court (24) are each ahead of Djokovic, but they could still be caught.

This year in particular, Djokovic has the chance to equal Graf’s unique feat of achieving the Golden Slam, winning all four Majors in a calendar year, plus an Olympic gold medal, which the German achieved in 1988.

“Looking at Djokovic’s fitness, motivation, hunger and desire, I definitely see him challenging Serena Williams and then Margaret Court in terms of the total number of singles Grand Slam titles won,” Henman declared.’


But sadly the subtlety of Novak’s game eludes our self appointed tennis ‘expert’

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