How does he get it so wrong?

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Jun 01, 2022, 05:54

  If players survive in the earlier Rounds   the following it is likely that  -

*     Djokovic and Nadal;  and  

*     Zverev and  Alcazar 

will play each other in the quarterfinals

It is furthermore likely in such an event that Djokovic could run into Alcaraz in the semifinals.


It was likely that Nadal was going to lose in Paris and the seuntjie was going to make the semis?  I tried to explain all this to you before. You just don’t get it, these great players are much more committed in the Majors. Based on today’s form Alcatraz wouldn’t have survived Nadal or Djokovic, just as he didn’t survive Zverev.

Very similar to your criticism of Vermeulen before the WC, your trashing of Joker and Nadal was pretty stupid.

Jun 01, 2022, 11:26

I asked whether Vermeulen was match-fit at the time in 2018 - I NEVER criticized his performances in the Rugby Championship in 2019 and in the WC.   You are again hiding behind deception.

Both Nadal and Djokovic had problems in this series and shortly before it.   Nadal looked awful against Auger-Aliassime and Rublev wiped the floor with Djoko0vic three weeks ago.

The quarterfinal yesterday indicate two present inadequate players - one ahs to win in such a case.

Zverev had an exceptional game yesterday and if he repeats that performance he will send Nadal packing.   My own feeling is that Rublev is likely to be in the game today and that he would have to play either Ruud or Rune in the semi.   Assuming Rublev reaches  the final one would think he would hope that Nadal beats Zverev in the semifinal - the last time he played Nadal on clay was last year in Monte Carlo where he wiped the floor with Nadal.      .   .   

Jun 02, 2022, 04:17

But sadly Mike Rublev crashed and burned again….this time against Cilic. So there is no need to speculate about how he would beat Ruud and then beat Nadal. All pipe dreams.

McEnroe who is an astute  tennis commentator said Nadal has never been better:

He will be 36, and I’m not sure that I have seen him play better than what I witnessed last night. 

"I’m sure there has been close, and there have been a number of times where he has played at an extraordinary level."
"That was one for the ages! If that had gone five [sets], I might have slept here in the booth. It ended at 1:15am. Certainly, a lot of fans here not forgetting."
Perhaps for your 80th a resolution not to make any more predictions?

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