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Dec 31, 2020, 07:33

Dec 31, 2020, 07:55

My theme song for the coming year ...

Dec 31, 2020, 09:32

Lol where you been?

Dec 31, 2020, 12:24

Here and there ... how are you, Plum?

I'm good ... it's been a tough year ... toughest I've had in a long, long time.

Found myself in a sty ... with the enemy's minions 10 deep ... spiting ... hissing ... calling me names.

He came and fetched me. Pushed His way through the bitching horde ... lead me out.

No ... I don't need therapy.

I have no interest in South African quota rugby and so find myself without comment. Rugby belongs to the natives now. It was inevitable.  It'll go the same way as the cricket.

Damn shame.

Besides, the ignorant ramblings of Cripple Dave and Comrade Mike is repetitive nonsense and bores me to tears. Why I spent so many years arguing with these two clueless fools is beyond me.

Then there's Redneck and his fixation on Trump. If there's anyone on here in need of a life, it's him. 

It really is interesting to see someone so highly educated being lead around by the nose. Goes to show that all an education brings is the ability to correct other folks spelling mistakes and to earn a good living ... sadly simple logic and commonsense aren't included in the package.

Are you still in South Africa?

Dec 31, 2020, 13:15

Ja man. Lots of people had a rough 2020.

Glad you made it through to the other side though.

I'm still in SA. COVID chucked a moerse delay on my plans. The upside is that my company pivoted to medical gas at just the right time so I had a killer year...and already lined up to do a few more big contracts in the first half of 2021.

All in all, it sucks to not be abroad yet but at least I'm making some hay while the sun shines. 

Honestly, can't wait to get the hell out of here. Been looking at property in Nova Scotia already. Great spot to be. A short hop from Europe and looking forward to some nice holidays in the US too. Always wanted to rent a camper and drive a cross that place.

Mostly looking forward to doing business in a competent environment. You know...where phones get answered and standards mean something.

How was that Tyson fight? I was in stitches with that commentary team.

EDIT: Still gutted about Loma losing! 

Jan 02, 2021, 11:04

Yeah ... I remember you mention Canada has the place you were targeting. Beautiful country ... but those winters will be the end of me. 

The pandemic messed a lot of things up.

Sad to hear you're still here. Don't give up. This shit-hole isn't a place to live or raise a family.

Glad to her your business is booming.

Yeah ... earning an honest wage isn't a priority when it comes to the natives of the land. The common housefly has more purpose in life than this useless people.  

Loma lost the plot. Arrogance is the downfall of most top boxers. He'll come back stronger than ever before. He just needed to reset his attitude and approach.

Tyson ... well, it was all just for a bit of fun. I think he's aware that his time as the most dominant force in boxing is over. I hope so anyway.

Jan 02, 2021, 12:22

Haha it's not so cold man. I've lived in Denmark and the difference in clothing, between an SA and Danish winter, was a beanie and a better jacket.

Ja, race relations in SA are completely screwed and our government doesn't help at all.

Must say though, many leaders can and should take a lessons from Cyril. Dunno if you watched him the other night but I felt that he was very genuine in his concern.

To add to that, the average person isn't aware if the depth of our COVID response and don't have faith in government. Much of the blame for that should be placed on the incompetent side of the cabinet...Zuma and pals.

My experience has been that government has rushed through medical projects under some trying conditions and all-in-all have done more than the average person realises. By November, my company alone had already added 400 Oxygen points and all the piping etc to SA's COVID arsenal. 

Some advice I will give, in case you're concerned about hospital beds, is to get your own oxygen cylinder from Afrox. One 11kg bottle will last a good few days in an emergency. If anybody here wants advice on how to regulate the supply and the necessary fittings to buy in order to have your own set-up at home...I'm happy to help with any advice needed. In total it should cost you about 15k of which you'll get back 6k when you return the cylinder to Afrox. I keep a few bottles with me just in case any of my friends or family get into a bad situation.

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